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November 29, 2011By 6 Comments

All right, Lushies, get ready to swoon over the latest and greatest vegan LUSH goodies. Yahooooooey! Since ChristmaHanukkahHanzFranz&Kwanzaaka is just a hop, skip, jump and booty slap away, there’s no time like the present to hook yourself up with some supa-fab beautifyin’ gifts to make you look über hawt!

My faves:


No Drought Dry Shampoo, $12.95: The older I get, the more I realize I can can get away without washing my hair for longer periods of time (shhhh, that’s privileged information). Sers, between waking up at the butt-crack of dawn for work, sleepy nap times, slavin’ away at the gym, and straight up laze-itude, washing my hair is often not a priority (unless it’s crazy stank-nasty and so greasy you could fry tofu on it). 😉  Enter my beloved dry shampoo. I have been waiting eons and a satchel of dried flower petals for LUSH to come out with a dry shampoo, and they finally have! The key ingredients in No Drought—corn flour and talc—absorb excess oil and leave hair soft and clean-lookin’. The zesty fruity scent of lemon, grapefruit and lime leaves hair smelling to die for, too. LOVE.

Latte Lip Tint, $6.95: I’m a lip tint-y kind of chick. I’m all about subtle, soft (and tasty) lip color, so I can go all crazy wild with my eyes (without lookin’ like a clown). This Latte shade has a soft golden (slightly sparkly) coffee hue, and it smells like powdered coffee, sugar icing and vanilla. YUM—try not to eat it! It’s also packed with jojoba and Japan wax for mega moisture for super soft smoochable smackers! xx

Lustre Dusting Powder, $14.95: Being a former glitter addict, I now reach for pretty-smelling shimmery fairy dust aka body powder when I wanna be a sparkling princess. Lustre provides a subtle, golden bronzed glow with all the jasmine-y sexiness of LUSH’s Lust perfume (one of my fave scents, for realio). Get your shimmer on and smell and look like the sex goddess that you are!

Which LUSH goodies are on your holiday wish list?

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  1. Tracey Henry says:

    I really wish you would bring back Lustre dusting powder back to Canada Lush please or let me know where I can purchase online elsewhere please please please

  2. Dusty says:

    they need LUSH on Melrose.

  3. Chloé says:

    I used to use Lush products until I found out some have parabens. 🙁 I know, disappointing.

  4. Megan says:

    First I want to say how much I love your website! Second I want to thank you for introducing me to Lush. I don’t think I would have ever stumbled upon it without this blog. I just recently went to the Lush store at Water Tower Place in Chicago to check out their scents and a salesperson gave me a demonstration and sample of Herbalism. I have terrible skin and within a few days of using the sample, my skin is sooooo much better. Needless to say, I have a TON of Lush products on my holiday wish list now! Thank you so much for this blog and for featuring such amazing vegan products!

  5. NIna says:

    I LOVE LUSH. My daughter and I discovered them in August when we visited Great Britain. My Christmas Wish List would have to include Drought, Bubblegum Lip Scrub, and Snow Fairy lip tint. Oh, I can think of so many things I’d like

  6. The Snow Fairy goodies are on my holiday wishlist! It will be the frosting on my gothcupcake ;P

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