WaterGeeks: Filtered Water On-the-Go

October 14, 2011By 1 Comment

Water and I are frenemies.

Some back-story: I’m deathly afraid of tap water. A long time ago I read somewhere that it’s recycled poo water, and it freaked me the F out. Now for all I know, all water is recycled poo water… but I choose to live in denial so pretty, pretty please with a non-formaldehyde cherry on top, don’t burst my bubble.

Some front-story: On a mission to decrease my poo intake, I’ve been rockin’ Brita water and filtered fridge water for quite some time. Lately I’ve been particularly curious about those filtered water bottles I’ve been seeing around. There have def been times while I’m out and about like at the gym, and I suddenly and desperately get thirsty, and the only thing in sight is a water fountain. Eeks! That’s when a totable filtered water bottle could have rocked my world.

Enter WaterGeeks filtered water bottles! Holla! First of all, anything with the word “geek” in it has my automatic approval. Secondly, I’ve been (*pause* wait for it…) drinking TAP WATER on-the-go. And guess what, fools? It’s some tasty shit! Ain’t gonna lie, I was scared at first, but it’s just like Brita but better (←say that a few times fast, it’s fun)!

What’s your all-time fave water bottle? I know there are a kazillion of them out there, so I’m really curious to hear your thoughts! xx

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  1. Anna says:

    I have Bobble water bottle and I like it, however the filter always does this funny sucking noise when you drink. I heard that “Hydros” water bottles do not make any noise, so I say Hydros is probably the best =)

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