Got Zits?

September 20, 2011By 3 Comments

Eeks, I’m SO sorry to whip out the ‘Z’ word. ← least favorite word EVER.

If you’re tired of having oily, acne-prone skin, instead of heading straight to the evil toxic shit at drugstores (i.e. brands like Clearasil and Neutrogena), opt for a more natural cure for zit-zappin’. ←Eeks, I did it again! *cringe*

That’s where Nelsons Pure & Clear comes in. This brand utilizes a unique blend of homeopathic ingredients, essential oils, and plant extracts to keep those nasty blemishes at bay. ←Much better [than the ‘Z’ word]! Whereas most conventional OTC blemish creams contain Benzoyl peroxide (which causes extreme dryness… like crustatiousness to the max), the key ingredients in this natural alternative include tea tree oil, sulfur (don’t worry, it doesn’t smell sulfur-y at all), and arnica (helps reduce redness and swelling).

What’s nice about Pure & Clear is that they have a 4-step system which makes clear skin mega easy to achieve.

Although, I don’t have acne-prone skin (don’t hate, I totally get hormonal flare-ups), I did notice these formulas were very gentle and effective. This line of skincare definitely gets VBR’s thumbs up!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Me and my constant cystic acne scoff loudly at your “hormonal flareups”. 😛

  2. Christy Hall says:

    i’ve used this stuff! Works pretty good, but I needed something stronger.

    Don’t take the tablets that Whole Food sells! They have milk in them.

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