3 Natural Anti-Aging Tips for Youthful Skin

September 7, 2011By 2 Comments

You were always on the quest for that magical potion that would guarantee eternal youth. But what if this potion for anti-aging was handed to you in natural ways? Nothing better, of course!

To successfully combat the effects of aging, it is necessary to combat the harmful effects of free radicals. Natural anti-aging potions are a long lasting and hazard-free way of preventing skin aging. You can avoid the unpredictable side effects of chemical products while at the same time save the high costs on skin care. The following natural anti-aging treatments will definitely go a long way in ensuring that your skin remains supple, soft and radiant.

1.Red Wine

The powerful load of antioxidant, namely, resveratrol, contained in red wine is known to be a great anti-aging component, according to the famed, Dr. Oz. Resveratrol apparently sets out a system within the body that reduces the aging of cells and helps you prolong those ugly wrinkle lines and weakly bones for years to come. Hence, drinking a lot of red wine is always a good way to go.   

2. Apply Papaya

The fruit papaya contains high amounts of Vitamin C, carotene, minerals, and the enzyme papain. This makes the fruit an amazing moisturizer and exfoliant. Unlike other natural remedies papaya is very easy to apply and does not involve any mashing, mixing or pitting. All you need to do is peel off a portion of the outer skin and apply it directly on to your face in an up and down “swiping” motion. This opens up the pores and leaves the skin feeling soft and glowing. If you use it regularly then it also lightens the skin and prevents early appearance of age spots. The best part however is that you only need the skin for your treatment and not the entire fruit. So you can enjoy the fruit as well as the compliments on your radiant complexion.

3. Embrace Age-less Beauty with Avocado

Avocado is nature’s gift to the beauty conscious. It contains Vitamins A, B, D, and E along with healthy fats that make it an excellent natural moisturizer. Making an avocado face mask can be a bit time consuming but it is worthwhile nevertheless. Just pit an avocado which is ripe and scoop the soft flesh into a container. Mash the avocado and gently apply it on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes gently wash it away with a damp cloth. The oils in avocado effectively treat eczema and red spots. You can add one-fourth of a teaspoon of agave or add a small portion of non-dairy milk for extra moisture.

Brenda Lyttle is a beauty expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority in writing on best wrinkle cream, anti-aging, and human growth hormone related topics.

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  1. SageWisdom says:

    Luckily those three mentioned anti aging tips are my favorites. Therefore, it’s not really going to be difficult for me to prevent aging! I’d love to look 20 in my 40’s! Hope this can be achieved

  2. Katie says:

    I have eczema (being dairy-free helps but there’s no real cure), so I went to see if you can just buy avocado oil, and you can! I might try that, I have a feeling if I put mashed avocado over my face that I wouldn’t be able to resist licking it off.

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