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July 26, 2011By 5 Comments

LUSH is my BFF. Whenever I need a quick beauty pick-me-up, I head straight to my LUSH stash for some much-needed pamperin’ & TLC. These LUSHtastic goodies are my current faves:

Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar, $6.95: First of all, I’m in ♥ with LUSH’s massage/lotion bars. They are super creamy, beautiful-smelling, low maintenance (aka not messy and super totable), and this particular one is packed with glitter (and loads of it)! When I’m in the mood to be a sparking princess (which is pretty much every day), I rub this vanilla/lavendery scented bar of shimmery magic all ovah and embrace all that is glisteny and girlie in this beautiful world.

Vanillary Perfume, $39.95: I’m a sucker for anything vanilla/sweet/caramel-y/candy-like… if it smells like something I wanna eat for dessert, it mos def deserves to be worn as a perfume. This vanilla scent is soft and sweet and surprisingly long-lasting. I always get compliments whenever I wear this out, and my hubby loves this scent on me, too. 🙂

Dirty Toothy Tabs, $3.95 (40 tabs per box): I just got back from a 1 week trip to Europe, and instead of dealing with bulky toothpaste tubes and airport security hullabaloo for toiletries, I opted for a space-saving, convenient, and eco-friendly alternative. These toothpaste tabs are kind of a trip. Basically, you mash one or two of them up with your front teeth and then start brushing… it gets all sudsy like conventional toothpaste, too! These tabs leave your teeth feeling mega clean and fresh!

Cupcake Mask, $7.95 (only available in stores; needs to be refrigerated): Now here’s a beauty product after my own heart. Not only does it have cupcake in its name, but it’s packed with rhassoul clay, cocoa-y goodness (seriously, it smells like a frickin’ brownie), and spearmint & peppermint essential oils! It’s also great for oily and acne-prone skin—yay! Now you might be thinking, “Why would I rub chocolate on  my face to prevent zits?”… it doesn’t contain chocolate per se—just cocoa powder (which is packed with flavonoids and antioxidants), so no fattiness or oils that are found in straight-up chocolate. This is probably my all-time favorite LUSH indulgence. This mask leaves my skin feeling deliciously smooth every single time. I can feel it soak up all the excess oil and gunk from my pores. I ♥♥♥ it!

Which LUSH goodies are you currently digging?

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  1. Ella says:

    do you have Twitter acct?

  2. @stampylisa says:

    oh boo! No they didn’t —SLS and parabens are still in a lot of their products. sad.

  3. @stampylisa says:

    just curious…did lush stop putting parabens & bad things in their lotions?

  4. Tahina says:

    I love the shimmy shimmy bar too! 😀
    My favourite perfum form lush is imogen rose – normally I don’t like roseperfums, but this is wonderfull ^^
    And my favourite showergel is the happy hippy gel, because I can’t get enough of grapefruits 😉

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