Masks, Cleansers and Toners, Oh My!

June 24, 2011By 1 Comment

I’m currently obsessed with switching up my face-washing and pampering routine. I’ve been exploring various cleansers, scrubs, masks, toners, moisturizers and eye creams looking for the magical dialed combo of awesomeness. Here’s are some of my current faves (keep in mind some of these are splurges, but they’re so worth it):

  • Be Fine Food Skincare Exfoliating Cleanser ($25): I’ve been using this sudsy scrub once a week for some seriously hardcore pore cleansing. Its sweet formula of sugar cane, rice bran oil, sweet almond oil, and ginger root extract seems tasty enough to eat!
  • Ur Irish Botanicals Peat Face Mask ($39.99): This completely natural Irish peat (mud) face mask, which is packed with natural healing properties, works well on all skin types, and fights acne and prevents wrinkles. I love its pure earthiness. Find out more about peat here!
  • l’uvalla Eucalyptus Toner ($29.99): Eucalyptus/sage toner = the perfect summer face mist! It helps tighten pores, and it feels and smells amazing (← I’m a mint/eucalyptus freak)!
  • Collective Wellbeing Weightless Day Cream ($21): This quick absorbing, scent-free, botanical-rich, daytime moisturizer is completely weightless and works perfectly under makeup. It does an excellent job at keeping my skin nourished and hydrated, without any greasy residue or fillers.
  • Grateful Body Essential Eye Cream ($40): My li’l bottle of eye cream is so the shit that I’m almost out (eeks!). I’ve been using it nightly, and it’s simply wunderbar—one of my fave eye creams fo’ shiz!
  • La Isha Nutrient Face Crème ($75): Now this might seem like a pretty penny to spend on a face cream, but it packs a punch. I especially love its herbal-y/floral/ethnic spicy scent (rosemary, jasmine, neem, sandalwood, lavender, bergamot, frankincense, patchouli…). You can totally tell it’s hand-made, using top notch good-for-you ingredients. This is perfect for über dry skin (heads up: may not be a perfect fit for those with acne-prone skin). This is a delicious night cream… you’ll wake up with skin that looks plump, healthy, and ready to rock.
  • Pomega 5 Daily Revitalizing Concentrate ($48): These li’l oil capsules totally remind me of the Oil of Olay ones my mom used to use when I was growing up… except these are vegan and cruelty-free (and have mega pure anti-oxidant ingredients)! Each pearl-like ampoule contains anti-aging ingredients like calendula, rosehip, and jojoba oils. I’ve been using half a capsule every night, and my skin is sooooo happy… completely moisturized, balanced and glowing.

Which vegan beauty products have you been using lately?

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  1. Sian says:

    I find anything in a capsule like the Pomega 5 so intriguing, you’ve given me the desire to buy something along those lines now 🙂 I’m going to see if the UK has anything of the sort, thanks for the post.

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