You Can Use Coconut Oil for EVERYTHING!

June 27, 2011By 8 Comments

I’d like to preface this post with a declaration of my love for Kokosnuß. I ♥ fresh young coconut water, slimy coconut meat/pulp, coconut milk (especially in my smoothies and cereal) Mahalo candy bars (vegan Almond Joys with lots o’ coconut!), coconut-scented lotions and body sprays, coconut perfume oils… I love it all. Coconut can do no wrong (unless it runs out on me when I need it). 😉

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to focus our attention on coconut oil. It’s not only really good for you, but it’s extremely versatile. You can literally eat it and rub it on your hair and be stoked either way.

Some of my favorite uses for coconut oil:

  • Cooking: Coconut oil is one of the healthest oils you can use because it has a super high smoke point (the point at which it begins to smoke, become discolored, and decompose). Coconut oil is also the shit for cooking because it has a sort of nutty, sweet flavor which complements a slew of desserts and savory foods.
  • Skin care: Whether you have cracked heels or crusty elbows, a little bit of coconut oil goes a long way in the healing department (it also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties). If you’re brave and you don’t have reservations about smearing oil on your face, the teensiest amount of coconut oil can help fight wrinkles (it also does an amazing job at removing makeup). Coconut oil has made its way into a whole bunch of fancy schmancy skin care lines, so why not cut out the middle man and DIY? Speaking of DIY, check out this super simple recipe for homemade deodorant using coconut oil!
  • Hair care: I first found out about using coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner during a photoshoot. The MUA who was doing my hair suggested I rock this to tame my frizzies. She then whipped out her jar of Whole Foods 365 brand coconut oil, dipped her finger in there, rubbed the oil in between her palms, and then applied it to my damaged, split-endy hairsies. I have to admit, my hair looked much healthier (aka foin as shit), and I learned a new beauty trick to boot. You can also apply coconut oil to your scalp to prevent dandruff.
  • Lip care: Dab a bit of coconut oil on your lips next time they’re feeling hungry for some moisture… it’s perfect for when you run out of your favorite vegan lip balm!

What’s your favorite way to use coconut oil?

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  1. Dana says:

    Sunny, does it matter if you use refined or unrefined coconut oil? I’m currently using the unrefined kind.

  2. Jenn says:

    It’s the perfect eye makeup remover!!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Dude! I put 1/2 a jar on my head (my Dee Snider hair soaked that shit all up), left it on for about 45 mins and BAM, I’m Sonny from Bosom Buddies (my idol). Thanks for rec!

  4. Heather says:

    It is also the best diaper ointment! We use it with cloth diapers and and will not damage the diapers by causing them to repel moisture like desetin. Also, coconut oil works almost instantly if baby has any redness at all on her bum!

  5. “”You Can Use Coconut Oil for EVERYTHING!”” A-freaking-men. And, I keep mini jars stashed strategically throughout my place – seriously, can’t live without it.

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