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May 27, 2011By 6 Comments

The following guest post on vegan awesomeness is by Christy Hall. She’s not only vegan, compassionate and stylish, but she’s also in the running for peta2’s Cutest Vegetarian Alive contest. So show her some ♥ and vote! Oh, and add her on Facebook, too! 🙂


Adopting a vegan diet was easy for me. It was nothing to start using vegan alternatives to reduce the suffering of animals in my food choices. Finding alternatives to my beauty products was another story. I’m pretty sure the first few months of veganizing my beauty products I was looking a HOT MESS.  (VBR helped a lot, thanks Sunny you saved me!  :D)

I think I have finally found vegan and cruelty-free alternatives to all of my necessities (and there are a lot) that work just as good if not better than the mess I used before. Here are a few of my favorite things:


I recently went from a boring-ass brown drab color to bright-ass red. I’M TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH IT. The initial pre-lightening process was done in a salon (if your hair is dark this is probably a good idea) that used Paul Mitchell color.

To maintain it at home I use Manic Panic in red.

And I also bought salon quality shampoo and conditioner that my salon carries. I confirmed the products were vegan and cruelty-free by emailing the company and asking. (It’s that easy people!!) The shampoo is called Alterna and I use the Hemp line. The Hemp line and the Bamboo line are both vegan. I love love love this ish!! It smells like candy and keeps my hair from fading as fast as it would with most other shampoos.


THIS was by far the hardest battle to win. My skin is all kinds of crazy and I tried vegan product after vegan product and nothing was working as good as the nasty prescription shizz I used to use. Then I found… wait for it… Acne.org products. Okay okay, I’ll admit… these are not the most natural products, but if yo’ skin is like mine, natural just won’t cut it. These are the only vegan acne products I found that contain benzoyl peroxide, which is the number one tool for fighting acne. There are different products to choose from and specific instructions on how to use them. (Which I don’t always follow >:3) They are relatively cheap and are all vegan and cruelty-free.

When my skin is freaking out, even with those amazing acne.org products, I need a good foundation to cover it up! Everyday Minerals is AH-MAZING. I use the Fair Intensive Base, but they have this cool thing where you can try like five different kinds of bases to find the perfect one for you for only like $5.

I also love love love Monave Minerals. They have a liquid version that I’m stoked to try. I just sent in for some cheap samples the other day. I highly recommend asking for samples of different company’s foundations. It is very hard to find a good one and this is the best way. I also emailed this company and they confirmed that all their makeup (except some of their lip balms) is vegan. So dive in, sexy vegan bitches!


Let’s talk about vegan mascara for a second. This was something else that was hard to come across. But I have two words for you: Manic Panic. Enough said. Best mascara EVA, vegan or not. TRY IT.

I think that is enough awesomeness for one post. I’m sure if Sunny will let me, I’ll be back with other goodies! 😀

…um, yeah, I’m sure we can arrange that. 😉  xx ~Sunny

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  1. Sophia says:

    Christy is absolutely right about Manic Panic mascara! On her recommendation, I got some last week. It absolutely refuses to clump on your lashes when you put it on, although it looks as though it might when you remove the wand from the tube. Fear not–no clumping! And, it stays put on said lashes, so no little specks or flakes accumulating in the corners of your eyes, or under your eyes and sticking in your concealer. I’ve worn it throughout very long work days, followed by late evening heavy workouts at the gym: still no smudging, flaking, shedding, etc. Just amazing. Thank you so much for the tip!

  2. Chelsea says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Everyday Minerals… think I’ll go ahead and order that free sample pack.

    I checked out Monave Minerals and the ingredients listed for most of the foundations, eye pencils, mascara, etc all contained Beeswax. I know some vegans use honey/beeswax and some avoid it. So just a heads up! They do carry a foundation called “Vegan Moisture Mousse Foundation” though. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the mascara recommendation. I need a new one — just ordered it from Amazon!

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