Urban Decay’s Lush Lash System

February 3, 2011By 14 Comments

Hallelujah, dog bless America, holy balls I’m excited!
I’m always bitching about my balding lash lines… I was not blessed in the lash department. Seriously, I have like 2.5 lashies per eyeball, and it sucks.

No matter how much extra chunky mascara I cake onto my eyelashes, I still look like a bald eagle.

I’ve been ogling those Latisse ads in my beauty mags, but since I assume the product is neither vegan nor cruelty-free, I usually distract myself with thoughts of cupcakes (with extra tall icing and sprinkle-sprankles).

*angels singing*

And then lo and behold, Urban Decay—one of my all time fave beauty brands—grants my birthday wish from ’09 by coming out with their Lush Lash System. Yup, they’ve released a vegan, cruelty-free lash lengthening system that is not only supposed to work wonders (even after only 2 weeks), but it only costs $42 (compared to all the other brands that are in the $100 range), and there are zero funky side effects (like changin’ eyeball colors—WTF?).

This double-ended miracle worker holds TWO products in one: a gel serum (with growth peptides) that you apply along your lash line at beddies, and a conditioning mask (also with growth peptides and high potency ingredients like Panthenol and Vitamin E) that you coat your lashies with afterward.

Expected results?

  • 25% longer and thicker in 2 weeks
  • 40% in 4 weeks
  • 63% in 6 weeks

Now, I’m only on day two, but I’m going to keep y’all posted with before and after pics. I hope my lashes get so long I can curl them over my forehead. I am so so so so SOSOSOSOSO excited. Stay tuned, beautiful bitches! ♥

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  1. Ferg says:

    Okay, I will be honest, I do not use this every night. But when I used it for less than a week consecutively, I saw growth of lash towards my inner eye, which is the area that is usually the shortest, and in my case, WAS non existent. Yes, it worked for me. I also noticed another row of eyelashes forming so this helps with volume. I never really followed the regimen so I haven’t seen full results, but there is results (subtle, but there).

  2. binnehanna says:

    This my first week!!! I really hope it works..imma be very mad if don’t!!! The lady at the store hyped it up…sayn she didn’t get a bad report from anybody!!! Sooo Yesss gooooo!!!!!

  3. Maria says:

    Did this ever work for you? I just purchased some because of the raving reviews friends of mine have given me.

  4. Bojangles says:

    So, I have been using this product for every night since I bought it back in Feb 25. Two words: It sucks. I was using Li-Lash before this product and I have to say… there is absolutely NO comparison. I was looking for a better a product that may be similar to it but.. well… you know… CHEAPER. At $130 Li-Lash is no joke… but I think I learned my lesson, you get what you pay for. Urban Decay’s Lash Lush Serum was the biggest waste of my hard earned $44.94 which I paid at Sephora… thank God for their return policy… I’m taking my very disappointed self over there to return it and (since it has been over 30 days) get my credit back for it. Not only did I not see any results with Urban Decay’s Lash Lush Serum but my eyelash line actually looks… bare… it looks worse than when I first began using Li-lash. There is no length, no darkening of the lash, no thickness, no… nothing. Ugh. As for the actual wand… as Pooches stated, it too sucks. The wand is fine the first time you pull it out of the container, for the first eye. The second time around however, it is bare and almost dry… no matter how many times you re-insert it to re apply. And… you WILL have to reapply. The brush is also bare… you have to REAAALLYY try to get some of the “”‘conditioner””” product in the container, (You know, when you forgot to buy mascara and you keep reinserting the brush wand into the tube like a mad woman? Yea… like that) Overall, I want to rate this a one star out of five, but to be quite honest It doesn’t even deserve a one star. Total thumbs down to Urban Decay for this one. 🙁

  5. kim g. says:

    Hi, Sunny! I’m wondering if you kept using this and if it worked for you. I just saw a friend over the weekend who’d used Latisse, and her eyelashes were insane! Even if I could afford it, all the warnings make me too nervous. If there’s a less expensive and less harsh alternative that actually works I’d love to try it!

  6. kimmy says:

    It actually works my eyelashes grew out alot

  7. its pooches again…its been 7 days, it works i see some of thicking an darkening of the eye lash, both of the gel an conditioner stings my eye.. after the conditioner drys it flakes off an gets in my eye an stings it even more..i see some of my lashes fall off idk if its suppose to get worse before it gets better kind of thing, it doesnt really encourage me or excites me as much…. i was using TALIKA LIPOCILS before trying the urban decay. i really cant compare the both because i havent fully went through with the urban decay system yet…but as of right now i like the TALKA a lot better it didnt sting my eye it was one application not two i really like their wand, no mess easy to wash off.

  8. pooches says:

    i’m currently trying this product, from the first application i dont like the gel liner wand that much it doesn’t seem to hold any gel in it an doesn’t feel like it went on my eye lid. the conditioner wand bristle is too big, it should have been smaller so it can get into all the corners of my upper an lower lashes… the packaging doesnt come with any instructions on how many times i should use it, day or night… hope they improve this in the future.

  9. Dorri Olds says:

    Hi, thanks for writing about this. I started using this product prob about 2 weeks ago. I’m not positively sure if it’s working or not. I like to think that it is because my eyelashes are soooo short and mascara (no matter what kind i tried) irritates my eyes. I wanted to try Latisse but there are way too many warnings on the product, it’s waaaay too expensive and has to be repeated too often. I can’t wait to hear about your urban decay. haha. that sounds funny. but you know what i mean, your Urban Decay Lush Lash System.

  10. Evie says:

    Crap, I JUST bought a new mascara. I bought one from Origins along with their lash builder. If the Urban Decay works out, at least I’ll know for next time!

  11. funerealwaif says:

    YAY! I’m seriously excited, although I must admit Manic Panic Collection’s vegan mascara is pretty awesome itself as well. Yay for the changing world! <3

  12. Jessica says:

    Super exciting! I can’t wait to hear the results! (and yes pics! )

  13. Sarah says:

    Exciting!!! Must try!

  14. CrystalS says:

    Can’t wait to see the before and after!!

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