Vegan Deodorant Breakdown #2

December 6, 2010By 177 Comments
This is a special guest post by Lauren. She left a kick-ass, comprehensive vegan deodorant review (seriously, she’s tried them all) in the comments section of this post, and it was so awesome that I had to share with everyone. Enjoy

  1. Tom’s: This one worked for a while, but after a few weeks of use, my underarm skin started to peel off. This also happened to my guy friend after using it for a while–a different scent too, so it must just be the formula.
  2. Nature’s Gate: It Smells great going on, but doesn’t work as a deodorant for me…
  3. …same goes for Alba—smells good, but doesn’t work.
  4. Jason: Same deal as the NG and Alba.
  5. Dessert Essence Tea Tree Deodorant: It works at keeping me smelling good, but makes my underarms break out… ugh!
  6. I have also tried Burt’s Bee’s Deodorant Spray, and it smelled nice, very herby and natural, but really super burned my pits after shaving. A guy friend of mine uses it and it doesn’t irritate his skin, but he has to apply it at least twice a day to keep from stinking.
  7. In Love with Body Care: This one burned going on and irritated my skin. It was also the type that you have to heat, or breathe on to get it soft enough to glide on. It does prevent odor though.
  8. Weleda Rose Spray Deodorant: This got really good reviews but gave me the worst rash ever. It smelled lovely, just so amazing. My nose loved it, my underarms hated it. It is also pretty pricey. Luckily, I showed the people at Whole Foods my rash and they refunded me immediately.
  9. LaVanila Lavender-Vanilla Deodorant: I am LOVING it. It was seriously worth the money. No breakouts, no irritation, it works, and it’s white! Hooray!

I just want something that a.) works as a deodorant b.) doesn’t make my skin irritated—especially after shaving c.) doesn’t clog my pores, and of course, d) is vegan and natural. Haha, sounds like I’m asking for a lot!

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  1. Carolynn says:

    In Love with Body Care vegan deodorant is actually the best deodorant I have ever used! It stops odor better than antiperspirant and the unscented one works the best. I don’t know what deodorant you used for the review but this goes on as smooth as cream and soothes rather than burns for me….I just ordered 8 sticks from them!

  2. Stella Su says:

    I have many favorite Skin Gym products- but I would absolutely love to use the Fujian Peony body butter on a regular basis. I love the smell and you can’t beat the texture- it’s perfect!

  3. I just posted comments about the Deodomom cream that is 100% safe and vegan to another page – and I’m glad to repeat myself because I think we’ve found the perfect product: it has no aluminum, alcohol, parabens, fragrance and dye, AND it actually WORKS! I use the cream (comes in a jar) and my husband uses the roll-on. We highly recommend it.

  4. Shealea says:

    I really wanted to try LaVanila, until I googled it ;(

    “One of the main ingredients in The Healthy Deodorant is propanediol which is “corn-derived.” In fact, 1,3-propanediol is a shameless petrochemical with a chemical name trimethylene glycol. It is used in the production of paints, plastics, and antifreeze liquids, same as propylene glycol”- From:

    So what do y’all think?

  5. Misti says:

    About a couple months ago I started using the Solay Salt Crystal Deodorant Stone and I LOVE it! I have very sensitive skin and haven’t had any problems using this product. I use it everyday when I take a shower. Sometimes I experience a little tingling but I know that means that the salt is disinfecting the germs and bacteria. If using a salt stone isn’t your thing they also carry deodorant powder. Both are made from 100% fair trade Himalayan salt crystal.

    You can find the stone here:

  6. drew says:

    In Love deodorant is defiantly the best i have ever tried. There old formula used to burn because the ingredients weren’t ground up enough, but they fixed that problem and now it applies really easily and works for the whole day!

  7. Taylor says:

    I bought LaVanila Grapefruit Vanilla last week after reading about it in your last deodorant round-up and I LOVE it. Tom’s and Alba smell great but don’t have any staying power. I have a full Lush’s The Greeench that I don’t really like the smell of and it doesn’t cover up my stank. I like Lush’s T’eo deodorant bar and it works really well for me, but it’s not really convenient for throwing in your bag and it really irritates my armpits if I just shaved. Like so bad they got bloody dots all over them once. Gross. LaVanila isn’t irritating at all even if I just shaved (and I have really sensitive allergy-prone skin), it smells delightful, and it fends off the stank after a 13 hour bartending shift. It is expensive, but totally worth it. Considering I’ll spend $18 on a couple drinks at the bar, it’s not that much money for a product that will last me a month or two. I’d prefer if it was clear and didn’t leave marks on clothes, but just rub the mark on the shirt against another part of the shirt and it comes right off. Love it!

    • Sunny says:

      Thank you for sharing your faves! LOL, I really love how you put things in perspective regarding money spent at the bar and splurging for a vegan deodorant that works (and will last much longer than a tasty drink). 😉 It’s so worth it!

  8. CYoFC says:

    The best “formula” I have found for myself so far, is using Crystal Essence mineral spray (Lavender & White Tea scent), waiting ’til it dries, and then applying body powder – I used to use LUSH’s Karma powder, but now use Silky Underwear powder since they discontinued Karma 🙁 🙁 Anyway, that seems to work.

    If I’m having an extra active day, I will add yet *another* layer: either more powder, or LUSH’s aromarant. Oddly, aromarant does not irritate my skin, yet aromaco, which is supposed to be for sensitive skin, did.

    Anyway, as I said, this is just what works for me. For now. I really want to try that LaVanilla stuff everyone is raving about! It’d be much simpler…

  9. Jenny says:

    Hey, I use Queen Helene Vitamin E stick, and I have been for years. It works amazing and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all! It’s also pretty cheap

  10. Lowen says:

    PS. I really can’t say enough good things about the LaVanila. It’s the best I’ve tried, by far. I’ve had it on since 9am and it is now 11p and I smell good and never have to reapply. Plus my skin is totally clear and irritation free!

  11. Lowen says:

    Cupcake, I use these deodorants as deodorants. None of them are really meant to be an antiperspirant. So, basically, I sweat with all of them. Some of them can even be sweated off and then can leave you with b.o. if you don’t reapply them. Such was my experience with Nature’s Gate (Chamomile), Alba (Lavender), Jason (Lavender). I know there are natural deodorants that come in the powder form, and I think those are supposed to work better at absorbing sweat, but they don’t stop sweat.

    girl least likely to, glad to hear your review of Lush. I always look at their deodorants and wonder about them.

  12. Cupcake says:

    I’m wondering if anyone knows if any of these options are successful on a “clinical strength” level? I have horrible sweating problems, cold sweats, hot sweats, nervous sweats, every kind you can think of. And standard deodorants just don’t do it for me any more 🙁

    • i can only speak for myself, but i don’t use any of these deodorants for sweating problems. 🙂 i use certain-dri for sweating, and these other products for odor. after using certain-dri for awhile, my underarms stopped sweating altogether. now i just use it a few times a year as a ‘refresher’ and just use a plain ol’ deodorant for daily use.

      • Cupcake says:

        Oh interesting! I only started having this problem a little over a year ago so addressing it still baffles me. Thank you very much for the information! I look forward to trying that method 🙂

    • Sunny says:

      Hi Cupcake! Unfortunately there aren’t any vegan antiperspirants (or at least none that I know of), only deodorants. Antiperspirants are actually sketchy because they usually contain aluminum ingredients (which may or may not cause Alzheimer’s) that unnaturally block your sweat glands. They also cause those yellow armpit stains and stiff armpit cloth.

      If I hear of any vegan clinical strength deodorants, I will definitely keep you posted! 🙂

  13. i have to say, i agree with the JASON review–i love the lavender one, but i only use it for short-term things, like going to the gym in the morning or freshening up for whatever reason.

    my husband has been using tom’s for years with no bad effects, so i wonder if this is one of those ‘depends on what you’re sensitive to’ kinds of things?

    others i have tried, to add to the pile:

    earth science liken plant – totally love this one. it smells nice and it works all day.

    the crystal – i just use the one in the purplish container, the one that says CRYSTAL on it. heh. i was super skeptical at first, but that thing is pure wizardry. i adore it, and as soon as i started using it i abandoned my previous favorite (the earth science liken).

    LUSH aromarant – meh. i have friends who really love that thing, but i just get so-so results from it. it smells nice, it seems gentle enough, but it doesn’t measure up to the crystal for me.

    …and one i haven’t tried, but i’ve heard great things about, especially from people who have sensitive skin: florere.

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