Apricot Facial Scrub for Cheap

December 3, 2010By 17 Comments

I ♥ face scrubs. I try to exfoliate with them at least three times a week, especially when my face is feeling extra grimy and grody-to-the-max. Now, I know this may not be news to all of you, but St. Ives has an ah-mahzing Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub that is vegan, cruelty-free and affordable (only $3.59 at Walgreens—which is refreshing, because companies like to tack on an extra $5-10 to the price when using terms like “vegan” and “cruelty-free”). Yay for vegan drugstore beauty products!

This scrub effectively removes the dull outer layers of skin revealing a soft, healthy and hydrated complexion. I LOVE it (and so does my hubby)!

Have you tried this scrub? Do you love it, too? Which vegan scrub is your fave? Also, what are some of your favorite drugstore vegan beauty finds?

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  1. Morgan says:

    There’s a big issue with the Apricot Scrub though. A lot of dermatologists will state it’s bad for you since the apricot seed isn’t round and/or grainy type texture, like moist scrubs, it’s pointy and sharp which can actually harm your skin in the long run or instantaneously (depending on your skins’ sensitivity). If you think about it, since it’s sharp, it’s actually scrapping your skin rather than ‘scrubbing’

    I’m not going to say I’ve never used this product ever (mostly in high school), but I realized why it isn’t good for your skin.

    Not trying to be a debbie downer, but just FYI. :)

  2. Rachel says:

    St. Ives also has a blemish and blackhead control which has acne fighting ingredients. Target’s brand, Up and Up, also has a version of both of these products. Do you know if both these 3 products are vegan as well?

  3. Kayden Ryan says:

    WOW!!! I am super shocked that St.Ives Apricot scrub is vegan! yay!! I bought like 3 bottles a while ago and I am just using up the last of it and I was gonna find an alternative but yay!!!
    I think that how it goes it St. Ives doesnt test this product on animals or contain animal products but maybe the company that ownes St. Ives isnt a good one? Hence why its on Peta’s lists?

  4. Jen says:

    I tried the Green Tea Facial Cleanser for the first time tonight. If I like it I will get the whole Green Tea line. It is nice to see something available at the grocery stores that I can actually use. My skin has broken out really bad recently. I am hoping this clears it up. The products seem to have excellent reviews!

  5. susielol says:

    This is all I used during high school and most of college. I had no idea it was vegan, I just assumed it wasn’t. After trying scrubs that were either too coarse and many others that were much too fine, I now use a flax seed grinder to grind a little raw millet and mix it with a little water right before I use it. It’s the perfect amount of scrubbiness for my skin ;) It’s good to know that my beloved apricot scrub is vegan though. I miss the smell :)

  6. Taylor says:

    I used to always use St.Ives and I like it, but I am absolutely in love with Dark Angels scrub that Lush makes. It’s one of the few products I’ve instantly fallen in love with. It also lasts forever so don’t be scared by the slightly high price. I’ve tried the pineapple enzyme scrub by Alba but it didn’t work very well and cost a ton at Fred Meyers.

  7. This is an awesome post AND an awesome product. St. Ives’ new Green Tea Scrub is also completely amazing, although it’s a bit pricier at $6 for a smaller tube but it really works to fight breakouts and tone away redness. Worth every penny and still scads cheaper than many other products on the market.

    I would LOVE to see more vegan drugstore products on VBR because, well, we’re all on a budget, right? It’s nice to be able to save big time on things like this (I also love Clearly Natural glycerin bar soap which is popping up in more grocery/drug stores and is hella cheap) so I can splurge on luxuries like Lavanila deodorant. I haven’t made that plunge yet, but based on your and Lauren’s props, I’ve gotta check it out!

  8. Christy says:

    I thought I read somewhere on peta.org that they tested on animals? Or that they wouldn’t renew their contract with peta saying that they didn’t test on animals?

  9. virtual.jess says:

    I had no idea St. Ives was vegan!! I used to love their products, and totally just assumed they weren’t animal-friendly when I went veg cause they didn’t advertise it at all.

  10. Sherry T. says:

    Hey sunny! i really love your blog! You’ve actually convinced to go out and try vegan and cruelty-free products :)
    You should check out this website called “Earthly Body.” I think they’re pretty awesome :)

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