Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion Not Vegan

November 30, 2010By 9 Comments

VBR reader Melinda brought this bit of news to my attention today → Urban Decay posted a disclaimer on their website saying their Eyeshadow Primer Potion was mistakingly labeled “vegan.” 🙁 Thanks for havin’ our backs, Melinda!

What a bummer… but at least they’re honest about it. So yeah, go ahead and gift those primer potions to your non-vegan friends, and keep your fingers crossed that they come out with a vegan version soon! 🙂

Urban Decay, we still ♥ you!

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  1. Nayeli says:

    This is the most helpful video that I’ve seen on these paetltes. Thanks so much for taking the time out to do the review. It has been very helpful with me making my decision. Thanks again, I really appreciate it

  2. bahh says:

    Thanks very much for this page, and especially to Aubrey. It boggles my mind how I just can’t trust non-vegans or non-vegan to be honest about their ingredients and methods. I want to buy UD products (and did buy an eye liner from them recently, which said it was vegan, and I trusted them) – but now that I know that their repeated attention-seeking implications of taking veganism seriously are false – I might just say to hell with it and buy from entirely vegan companies instead. Which there are enough of by now. They still haven’t changed the lanolin ingredient in the eye primer which I’d been interested in. How hard can it be to just use something else, or not use lanolin at all? They act like they desperately need to use it. Like beeswax? Please. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if they didn’t boast (and boast and boast) claims about their products’ veganness. It’s not just some little ”oopsy!” mistake that’s no big deal, that now vegans have bought non-vegan BS on false pretenses. No refund can make up for it, NOTHING can make up for it. Animals being used for something that I bought because I was told was vegan, is like a budgie bird being tortured on my behalf.. you can’t just say ”oops! We’re sorry! Only because we have to after being threatened with the law, we’ll take the vegan label off now even though it’s way too late! Teehee we don’t really care because we’re not vegan or honestly respectful of our customers.” It takes a lot to piss me off. Being misled into using animals by a company I supported feels worse than an allergic reaction. Oh but then it would matter to them because I’m a human, right? BAH! –end rant

  3. Taylor says:

    This sucks big time. Does anyone know if Two Faced’s eye primer is vegan? I’ve heard that’s the next best one…..

  4. Krista says:

    How sad! But, I do think that it is great that they are so honest and that they do want to find an alternative to that ingredient. They get huge brownie points in my book. Thanks for giving us this update!

  5. oh for crying out loud, i JUST bought one of the *gigantic* professional-size tubes, and it’s my absolute favorite beauty product. this is horrible. 🙁

  6. aubrey says:

    I found out about this about a month ago when I asked why the full size primer potion wasn’t on the vegan section any longer. I actually spent a few weeks emailing back and forth with them over this because they made it very clear to me that they were not going to be public about it. It wasn’t until I threatened legal action and made my knowledge of consumer fraud known (fraud is my academic focus) if they would not put up notices that they changed it. Their correspondence with me indicated that they did not accept responsibility for the fact that they were selling a product listed as vegan when they knew it had lanolin in it. I know people are still buying it from other places that have it listed as vegan, like Sephora, so until they take the primer out of the kit I will still consider it to be misleading to call it the “Vegan Pallet”. I just don’t feel comfortable with the fact that they kept selling it until I made it clear that they were breaking the law (federal cosmetics labeling laws) and would file suit. They constantly made excuses and blamed the manufacturer, taking no responsibility.

    I’m glad that they finally put up notices, but the fact that they were selling it as vegan when they knew it wasn’t really bothers me. I am not sure that I will be able to shop with them in the future.
    They did give me a refund, so if anyone feels like they would like that as well then it is worth trying.

    — Because I have made some serious statements regarding UD, I am open to sharing the email correspondence between myself and UD if anyone would prefer to read their exact statements and form their own opinion.

    • Sunny says:

      Wow, that really sucks that they didn’t take responsibility right away. Thank you for being so diligent and getting them to finally put up a disclaimer. Hopefully they’ll realize how important it is to verify their vegan ingredients before labeling them as “vegan.”

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