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November 3, 2010By 5 Comments

Special guest post by Mr. Cleaner

Hi VBR fans! I’m really excited to be guest-blogging on what I consider to be the best blog on the internet for compassionate and eco-friendly ladies. I know this site is typically very feminine, and being a dude, I don’t intend to disrupt too much, so I am going to talk a little bit about a product that both genders can enjoy equally: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic Soaps.

My personal favorite, and the one I’ve been using for literally decades, is the liquid version of the good Doctor’s Peppermint Soap. Now, Doctor B. also makes a bar soap version and offers many other scents as well, but peppermint is, and has always been, my all time favorite because it leaves me feeling tingly and minty-fresh from head to toe. I brush my teeth with minty freshness, so why not scrub my naughty bits with minty love as well?

If pepperminty freshness is not your cup of tea (see what I did there?), here are the other flavors the kind Doctor offers:

Eucalyptus, Almond, Rose, Baby (Mild), Citrus, Lavender, and Tea Tree

You can find Doctor Bronner’s soaps at most health food stores including Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

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  1. patty says:

    james spooner is no longer at Time Less tattoos he has his own vegan studio in Hollywood check his work out at 213 546-668. hes a really nice guy

  2. I do an all vegan tattoo procedure and Dr. Bronners is what I use instead of greensoap (which Ive read contains animal based glycerine). Thanks Dr. B!

    James Spooner
    Timeless tattoo (LA)

  3. I have the rose right now, but I’ve tried and loved most of them! 🙂 I love to mix up my own household cleaners using Dr. Bronner’s!

  4. Mr Meaner says:

    I second Mr. Cleaner’s glowing comments about Dr. Bronner’s products. My favorite of these is lavender and I love the fact that these soaps, like many of the products reviewed on this blog, don’t sacrifice any quality yet are completely cruelty free. Yes, you may pay a buck or two more but that’s a very, very small price to pay to put a substance all over your body that wasn’t shoved down a rabbit’s throat or pumped into the eyes of cats to ensure its “safety”.

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