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October 5, 2010By 14 Comments

All right peeps, if you live in LA, you’ve prolly eaten vegan reubens up the yin yang—they are everywhere (dog bless America)!

Whether they be tempeh, tofu, TVP, Tofurkey, seitan or other incarnations of tasty-ass wheat meatiness, there is no argument that LA does a vegan reuben right… Now as far as the best vegan reuben goes, we vegans are petty much in consensus that Locali takes the [vegan] cake. Speaking of, they have some pretty amazing, floofy icing topped vegan cupcakes (below: orange on the left; smores on the right) that’ll make any sweet-toothed lassie drool.

Check it out, Foolio:

Vegan Reuben w/Daiya Cheese, $9.75

Tell me about your favorite vegan reuben!

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  1. Carrie says:

    Dude, $9.75? I hope that comes with a side for that price. I’ve never been to Locali (CAN you believe?!) but I think the best reuben is Flore’s. Real Food Daily’s is pretty bomb, though.

  2. I haven’t had the Spiral Diner Ruben but the Spiral Diner is amazing in it’s own right. Speaking of diners, (and rubens), Chicago Diner DOES have the best ruben I ever tasted.

    Both are reviewed on my blog, Marty’s Flying Vegan Review.


  3. Francisco says:

    I want to visit all of these damn vegan restaurants!
    In Orlando there’s this amazing family owned restaurant called Etho’s Vegan Kitchen. My sister and I sneak out every week to get some lunch, because we’re addicted.
    Not to mention that Loving Hut is amazing as well, and it’s an international chain so there’s probably one near you! Check it out!

  4. VeganInLA says:

    I still like the FYH with vegan cheese better but the Locali sandwich is in second place for me. (and closer) They are both so good!

    • Sunny says:

      The FYH reuben is pretty damn tasty… I’ve also learned how to re-create it at home. 🙂 I want a vegan reuben now… (I wish it weren’t raining)

  5. Jessica says:

    I’ve yet to try a vegan reuben that wasn’t tasty!

  6. Evie says:

    Dallas has a place called Spiral Diner that is to die for! They had a reuben as the special for a little while, and I was begging them to add it to the main menu. Now I’m craving one… (Oh, and they also have some damn good cupcakes; I make my fiance buy me one to go every time we eat there)

  7. Vegyogini says:

    For me, the Follow Your Heart Reuben with vegan cheese (not cottage-style tofu…eew) still takes the cake. It’s hands down the best I’ve tasted!

  8. Chicago Diner’s Radical Reuben! But to be fair, that’s the only one I’ve ever tasted. 😀 When we live out our dream of moving to Portland, I’m sure I can make up for the lack of tasty vegan food (other than what I make myself)in my life!

    • Sunny says:

      My hubs and I wanna move to Portland, too! We’re thinkin’ maybe in a couple years… Well, if we all wind up in PDX, we’ll have to hang out!! 😀

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