Free Cruelty-Free Beauty iphone Apps!

October 6, 2010By 5 Comments

Well, as much as I wish I were announcing a free VBR app (hopefully sometime soon), the Cruelty-Free iphone app is the next best thing. 😉

Sometimes when I’m out and about shopping for my beauty essentials, it can be hard to remember which companies are cruelty-free off the top off my head. Well, this app alphabetically lists all the companies that don’t test their products on animals, and it includes links to their websites so you can peruse their goodies on your phone.

Animal-Free is another great iphone app to use as a compassionate beauty shoppnig guide. For instance, do you know what arachidyl proprionate is? Yeah, me neither. According to my li’l handy dandy Animal-Free app, it’s a wax that’s made from animal fat, often used in lipsticks and skin care products (icky, nasty, barf-barf). Good alternatives: peanut or vegetable oil. Phew! Good to know. I do not wanna smear animal fat on my lips, thank you very much. This app is also pretty cheap at the price of $0.00. 🙂

A couple other free vegan iphone apps I recommend:

Vegan Yum Yum (for yummy vegan recipes)

Vegan Steven (find vegan restaurants in your area)

Vegan beauty aside (or not), what’s your favorite free (or not) iphone app?

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  1. I recently adopted a Droid Incredible into my life (and have hardly put it down since then) so I thought I’d let all the Droid-heads out there that the Cruelty-Free and Animal Free apps are also available for free on the Droid platform! Yay!

  2. Jessica says:

    I have both of these apps and I love them!

  3. Francisco says:

    I want an iPhone just so I can get all these Apps!

  4. Sunny says:

    Just wanna say, if anyone has Words with Friends on their iphone, lets play! I’m Vegan_Cupcake on there. 🙂

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