Gettin’ Figgy with WEN Hair Care

September 29, 2010By 8 Comments

LA stylist Chaz Dean is one of my new heroes. Why? He’s come out with a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free line of hair (and skin) care products that cater to my crusty hair needs (sans the chemicals and sulfates). His unique line of salon-quality, multi functional beauty care is called WEN. Bookmark this website. Not only can you buy his amazing creations but you can watch instructional videos and learn valuable hair-saving tips (hear hear, all you flat iron & blow dryin’ peeps!)

WEN products that stole my heart… and my hair (for the best):

Fig Cleansing Conditioner ($28 for 16 oz pump bottle): Everything in the fig line is designed for people with extremely dry or damaged hair—that’s me, for shiz! Btw, they have different products for all hair types. This product is beyond amazing because not only does it leave your hair smooth and shiny, it also smells ridiculously yummy, and it’s a multi-tasking machine! Check it out… this product can be used as a cleanser (for doggies, too), conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner and shaving cream. Day-um! I plan on trying this cleansing conditioner out in every way possible. At this point, I’ve only used it as a conditioner, and it’s divine. It’s a nice thick formula, and the longer you leave it on your hair, the better.

Fig Replenishing Treatment Mist ($32 for 6 oz bottle): This spray can be used on your hair and all over your body! I’ve been using this spray on my hair (sort of as a light leave-in conditioner)—after towel-drying and before blow drying. Again, I love the fig scent. I never really knew what figs smelled like before, but me likey.

Fig Styling Creme ($24 for 6 oz bottle): It’s a leave-in conditioner, polishing gloss and hair gel in one product! Notice a trend?  WEN likes to keep things simple and allow their products to multitask. Ultimately, that saves you money, space and time. What I like most about this styling creme is that it tames my frizzy mane. I have a funky hair type that’s neither straight nor curly… I guess you could say it’s wavy, but my waves aren’t consistent or smooth. The product helps define my hair and gives it a li’l ‘tude.

Now that I’ve experience figtastic hair, I’ve decided to incorporate more fig into my life. I had my boo pick up some raw green figs at TJ’s the other day, and now I’m on the hunt for everything fig. If you have any fig tips, recipes or know of any other figgy beauty products out there, please lemme know! xo

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  1. Mary K. says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for the info on WEN hair products.
    I googled to make sure that it was not tested on animals before I tried to buy it.
    As for ‘FiGs’, I love home-made Fig Squares! Not sure if your last name is Armenian but it looks like it is; here in Watertown, MA, there’s lots of Armenian Food Stores with many Fig food products. Most however use loads of Butter, so I try making them at home with Vegan ingredients.
    – I want to try to make a Fig Pudding next, and some Fig Jam.
    Will research Figs in beauty and healing uses next! Thank you again.

  2. @stampylisa says:

    i ADORE figs in my late summer salads. mmmmm love fresh figs. who’da thunk. where’ve they been all my life. I grew up knowing fig newtons. which are good, don’t get me wrong, but NOTHING compares to fresh figs, drizzled with a batch of yummy cashew creme. mmmmm

  3. Sassy says:

    So my girlfriend turned me on to Wen – and I pretty much worship the ground she walks on now. 🙂

    The Fig smells divine – perfect for damaged and curly hair.

    My hair is pretty fine. It is wavy in some spots while straight in others (and YES it can be a hot mess). I find the Lavender Wen is perfect: Does not weigh down the straight parts of my hair, but adds juuuuust the right amount of weight to the curls/waves so they don’t get frizzy.

    Now, the only time I use shampoo is when I want to wash out a little color because Wen will not wash out color – or at least very, very little.

    Highly recommended! 🙂

  4. Katherine says:

    I have 2 fig recommendations for you, but they’re food products:

    1)Dalmatia – Fig Spread & Orange Fig Spread. They’re made with Adriatic figs from the Mediterranean. They are both delicious on “cheese”, scones, as a marinade – you can get creative with it. I buy them at a local gourmet market here in Sac, but think they’re sold at Whole Foods as well. (

    2)Mountain Fruit Cos. – The Fig Galaxy, Black Mission Fig Jam. Their jams are all produced by hand in small batches in Chico. This jam is all natural, with no preservatives, contains over 77% whole fruit, and is YUM! I love this jam on toast, but it’s also good on ice cream. It’s also sold at Whole Foods.

    Bon appetit!

  5. Jessica says:

    My hair is similar to yours (from your description). I can’t wait to try these products out! It’s hard to find good vegan hair products. Thank you.

  6. Evie says:

    I was just reading an article about figs being beneficial for skin, so I’m excited check this stuff out!

  7. The Fig Replenishing Treatment Mist sounds divine.
    Thanks for the tip. Here in Upstate, NY it feels like the perfect fall weather for something ‘fig’…even if it is for your hair. :o)

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