Ethical Fashion: Ro & Co Vegan Purses

August 25, 2010By 3 Comments

I’ve always been a shoe/sunglasses/purse lady. My collection of all these girlie items keeps growing (as my piggy bank is shrinking); I’ll need to rent out my hubby’s closet space soon! A recent addition to my handbag collection is my Ro & Co Kiera bag (from the Caiman collection). Before I get carried away with my bag’s awesomeness, I’d like to point out that Ro & Co is a vegan, luxury, eco-friendly company, owned and operated by designer Ro Gogna—who has been vegan and committed to animals since the tender age of 16. He designs vegan handbags, clutches and wallets (for women and men) that transcend tree-huggin’ fashion stereotypes, without any pretentiousness. His pieces are beautiful, functional and compassionate fashion statements. You will fall in love!

Ro & Co Kiera bag from the Caiman collection

This purse makes me feel like a Rock Star Ninja, all badass and shiz (when for realsies, I’m just a geekmeister). 😉 It has a detachable strap for lazy days; otherwise, I like to rock this baby in all of its clutch-tastical wonder. There are a total of 5 compartments (a.k.a. places to stash your gum, iphone and bizzy cards)—this is a big deal—I like to know where all of my goodies are and not have them lumped into one giant abyss. I ♥ Ro & Co!

What’s your favorite vegan handbag?

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  1. Vicki says:

    Ro & Co Gaga is fab. I am buying NOW!!

  2. Sunny says:

    Thanks, Christy!!

    You can order these purses (as well as some other awesome vegan goodies) from my online store: 😀

  3. Christy says:

    Love the bags!

    I may be a little retarded, but how do you purchase from the website. I seen nothing like, “add to cart” or anything. Haha.

    Btw love your blog. Helps me find soooo much great vegan stuff!

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