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Strawberry Hedgehog’s Raven House Charity Soap Set (tea tree-rosemary facial soap, eucalyptus-lime, sweet orange-clove, and lemongrass-ginger) has some of Tracy’s best selling organic oils soaps, and as a bonus, you get to support a great cause! $20 of every $30 from this set sold between 6/8-7/10 will go to Raven House Animal Sanctuary!

$33 value, save $3!

Tea tree-rosemary facial cleanser ($9) clarifying-cooling-purifying

This mildly scrubby bar of organic oils glycerin soap is just as perfect for your face as our other bars are for your body! Whole rosemary provides strong antioxidant activity, peppermint refreshes and brightens skin and gently exfoliates while pure tea tree essential oil kills break-out causing bacteria! this gentle, cleansing, and balancing bar is great for all skin-types but is perfect for oily to combination skin!

Eucalyptus-lime handmade body soap: ($8) refresh-purify-balance

AS SEEN ON TV! This green beauty will open your eyes and your sinuses with healing eucalyptus, cheerful and uplifting lime and key lime, as well as a hint of lavender. Perfect for anyone with sinus issues or bombarded with pollution on a daily basis.

Sweet orange-clove handmade body soap: ($8) warming-comforting-cheering

FARMER’S MARKET BEST SELLER! This orange-swirled bar has the refreshing, cheerful scent of pure sweet orange and the mysterious comfort of pure clove bud. Think fresh, homemade pomander and you’ve got the idea. Vibrant color from natural annotto seeds!

Lemongrass-ginger handmade body soap: ($8) vitalize-strengthen-center

Inspired by a signature high end spa scent, this baby is made to energize! With the green-fresh scent of lemongrass and the spicy warming scent of ginger this yellow lovely is balanced out with just a hint of cedarwood. Colored only with anti-inflammatory turmeric.

Ingredients: 100% certified organic coconut oils with some certified organic palm oil (saponified), H2O, veggie glycerin, sorbitol (from berries), sorbitan oleate (from vegetable essential fatty acids), pure essential oils, natural herbs, spices, and minerals

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  1. Evie says:

    They look so pretty! I’m working on my bf to let me try these. “Baby, it’s for a good cause!!!”

  2. Tracy says:

    Thanks for helping spread the word, Sunny! It is such a worthy cause.

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