Urban Decay: Shimmery, edgy and fun!

May 4, 2010By 2 Comments

Special guest post by Jennifer VanWie-Dobson

I wanted new eyes. Rather, I wanted to give my eyes a lift with some new eyeshadow. I started reminiscing about shadows from days gone by and my mind wandered to Urban Decay. I landed on their website and saw a couple pleasant surprises right off the bat!

marley approvedUrban Decay has long been known for their cruelty-free products. The company has made sopping for vegan cosmetics easy by placing a purple paw print next to all vegan cosmetics, taking the guess work out of shopping.  These items are called “Marley Approved.” Marley is the longtime canine companion to Wende Zomnir, Urban Decay’s executive creative director.

One more nice little option on their website – you can print out the vegan product list to take with you when shopping  – handy! Yes, these cosmetics are more expensive than my normal “bottom of the clearance barrel” purchases – each eyeshadow is $18. I was prepared to splurge a bit, so away I went to Sephora with my list in hand.

I bought two eye shadows from the Deluxe line. Ruthless, a pale sandy taupe shimmer and Underground, a medium fawn. Both of these come in a mirrored compact with some edgy graphic designs their covers.

urban decay eye shadowsThese shadows are nice and silky. I used a shadow brush, which allowed me to layer the colors so that I could make them as light or as intense as I wanted. There is a really nice, light catching shimmer to both of these shades, which is exactly what I wanted! They are also kind of subdued and are perfect for everyday wear. I didn’t wear any kind of lid primer under the shadows, but they seemed to endure fairly well through some desert wind!

I really do enjoy Urban Decay’s colorful titles for their products as well – definitely part of their appeal for me. For the prices, however, I will have to wait awhile before I can add some Mildew and Acid Rain to my eyelids!

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  1. Tracy says:

    Oh man, their stuff is SO pretty! If it didn’t have parabens (or my eyes weren’t so sensitive) I’d be all over them. Maybe I could give it another try? hmmm.. great review anyway and it is awesome that they make it so easy to find their vegan products.

  2. Sarah says:

    They have a shade called Mildew? That sounds like fun!

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