Pureology: High performance vegan hair care

April 12, 2010By 14 Comments

Special guest post by Helena Parker

*Since this post was published, Pureology was acquired by L’Oreal. Pureology is still a vegan and cruelty-free company, but their parent company is not. 

I am new to veganism but my hair is not! I have been using Pureology hair products for about a year and a half and it thanks me every day. No really, it does. It shows me how thankful it is by requiring less color maintenance and growing longer faster.

pureology vegan hair care

Pureology products are 100% vegan, do not contain sulfates and are organic which means you don’t’have to worry about chemicals and pesticides in your hair. Pureology even offers an amazing money back guarantee. Not to worry though, you won’t need a refund because you will love their products. Prior to using Pureology, I had to get highlights about every four to six weeks. Since I’ve started using these products I only need highlights about once every eight weeks–sometimes I can go a little longer. The best part is the extra shine and growth. My hair used to find itself in a “rut” quite often and would protest until I switched brands. It would get dry and sometimes wiry, or it would simply stop growing. I was never able to stay loyal to one brand for longer than 6 months but I have been using Pureology for 18 months and my hair hasn’t slowed down one bit. They offer different systems for various types of hair and they have an online consultation to help you decide which is best for you. I’m currently using Hydrate and Pure Volume. I love how it moisturizes my hair and leaves it full of body without being heavy. I used Super Smooth for awhile and it actually straightened my hair so much that a blow dry was all I needed–no flat iron necessary. Another great feature is the concentration factor; the product will last twice as long as normal hair shampoos and conditioners. It might be slightly more expensive than other brands but it will last longer and your hair will thank you.

One more beautiful thing about Pureology is that the company values sustainability and strives to remain committed to caring for the environment. What isn’t to love about this company and its products? Nothing, that’s what! Now go try Pureology and please let me know if you love it!

Helena Parker

www.helenaparker.com (Divine Health blog)


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  1. Elissa says:


    You make an excellent point in regard to standard industry practice and a shift to non-animal testing policy. Additionally, the Pureology line is pretty good. However, in point of fact, if Big Industry was not supported by consumers, the shift from animal testing would happen at a much more progressive rate. Industry standards could not withstand a reallocation of monetary resource to small, sustainable companies. In short, by not supporting L’oreal and choosing to support companies that have maintained their integrity (John Paul Mitchell and Phillip B. for example) you would reinforce the standard that animal testing is simply not acceptable thereby exacting rapid change based on capitalism protocol.

    It is a shame that you “personally don’t care” because you are very articulate and more people with that sort of insight would be an asset to an extremely ethical issue on a vegan website and elsewhere.

  2. kellie says:

    Are you serious? Organic? Have you read the ingredients in their products? This is the loosest definition of organic I’ve ever seen. Do yourselves a favor and check out some of the ingredients before you use these products on your scalp.

  3. nancy says:

    Pureology is owned by L’oreal, which tests on animals. That kind of defeats the purpose of Pureology being vegan since most vegans don’t support animal testing.

    • Sarah says:

      Yes Pureology are owned by L’oreal… but I personally don’t care. It’s like saying you won’t buy fruit from a local market trader because he also sells fish on friday. Or that you won’t buy a supermarkets ‘own brand’ of rice because they also sell dairy.

      There’s another way to think of it too, L’oreal is huge, if they see more people becoming interested in their vegan products that are not tested on animals there will be a gradual shift to producing more of these products. They are also giving large scale exposure / public awareness of products that are not tested on animals.

      Eradication of animal testing can only be totally achieved through research, development and validation of alternative methods and approaches. L’Oréal are leaders with big money, they can invest more than any other company. It sure won’t be the smaller companies with less money leading they way for the thousands of other brands that are still testing on animals.

  4. anne says:

    does 100% vegan means 100% vegan fertilizer too ?

  5. Evie says:

    Nice post! This isn’t related other than being about hair, but I just tried a LUSH henna hair dye and OMG IT TURNED OUT SOOO PRETTY! I highly recommend! (Had to post this, I’m so excited about it haha)

  6. Great review- I’ve been wanting to try Pureology for a long time!

  7. Lindsay says:

    What a great guest review! I think I might have to check this stuff out!

  8. Juicy:) says:

    Such amazing timing on this review .
    I have serious hair issues that a shower filter and rotating vegan organic shampoos on a weekly basis won’t cure. My hair has not been the same since a not so recent move.
    I am getting a blow dry at a local “green ” salon tomorrow and they use Pureology.
    SO psyched now .Thanks you Helena and Sunny !

  9. quarrygirl says:

    oooh i gotta try this stuff. i am constantly switching shampoos and need a new one. love the guest review! 🙂

  10. Danielle says:

    Hahaha… I just have to say I really like the avatar this site gave me!

  11. Danielle says:

    My hair stylist recommended this, it’s great to see this review!

    I love your blog about your journey to Veganism, it’s awesome to see you branching out!!!

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