Gluten-free pizza lovers rejoice!

April 18, 2010By 2 Comments

Whether you’re on a gluten-free diet, have specific allergies, or you’re just a fan of healthy vegan pizza – you’re going to love Clean Cravings. They make vegan; gluten-free; soy, dairy and yeast-free pizzas that are all-natural and packed full of whole grains. They have pre-made pizzas, like their Perfectly Pesto Pizza and their Very Veggie Pizza and they also have Just Crusts, Just Crust Minis and Rosemary Just Crust Minis (if you want to to build your own pizza with your favorite toppings).

My favorite product of theirs is the Perfectly Pesto Pizza ($42 for a case of 6). This über delish pizza is topped with roasted garlic pesto, mushrooms and pine nuts.  I LOVE garlic-y pesto! Nommers! I don’t even care if it makes me have garlic breath. This is a fancy little pizza if you ask me.  This 8” pizza makes a great appetizer for guests, or if you’re like me, this is a perfect quicky dinner for one.

vegan gluten free pizza

I’m excited for the day you can buy these at the grocery store. In the meantime, you can order Clean Cravings pizzas and crusts directly from their website.

For more info: Clean Cravings

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  1. Zoe Ali says:

    me and my sister are both allergic to Gluten and we were always on a gluten-free diet ever since we were teenagers. *

  2. Yum, I love pesto- that pizza looks sooo good!

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