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March 15, 2010By 37 Comments

Hey vegan peeps, don’t you wish you could have people from near and far experience the delight of a tasty-ass vegan meal? Well now you can! Gobble Green is a new food delivery service that offers healthy, gourmet, 100% vegan (and 90% organic) meals to anyone in the US, Canada and the UK. This is a great gift idea if you’re trying to help a loved one or family member transition into a healthier, environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free way of living. It’s a wonderful way to show that vegan food is not only super easy, but it’s also scrumptious and tastier than the conventional, unhealthy versions commonly consumed in the SAD (Standard American Diet). Seriously, say good-bye to bad cholesterol, saturated fats and increased risks of heart disease, cancer and diabetes and say hello to health, longevity and vegan pepper steak dinners and vegan cupcakes (and cookies and cobblers, too) – you heard right!

I got to sample a few of Gobble Green’s vegan meals and at first, I was a little worried about how they would taste (needing to be re-heated and all), but I was beyond pleasantly surprised that everything tasted super fresh and of restaurant quality. Everything was extremely T-A-S-T-Y! Here are some of my favs…

vegan pepper steak dinner

Black Pepper Steak Dinner $9.99

vegan chicken nuggets

Chicken Nuggets with Dipping Sauce $7.49

vegan pizza

Cheese, Vegetable and Sausage Pizza $8.49

Gobble Green has plans for as cheap as $500 a month – that’s breakfast (i.e. scrambled vegan eggs and hashed browns, pancakes, sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich), lunch (i.e. vegan macaroni and cheese, pasta salad, chicken nuggets) and dinner (i.e. kung pao chicken, lasagna, vegetable pot pie) for  every single day of the month.  That’s cheaper than what most people spend eating out a few times a week per month!

For more info: Gobble Green

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  1. Drew V says:

    Looks like great food! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lorraine Emerick says:

    DO NOT BUY- RIP OFF! I bought Gobble Green (GG) thru Living Social. Voucher code didn’t work and reached out to GG thru voice message, phone and Facebook. Kept making promises, apologizing …but still no food. This has been going on since MAY! I have now reported them to the Better Business Bureau along with Living Social (Living Social says it’s not their problem & to deal direct with GG). I want my money back – there is NO WAY I WOULD TRUST EATING THEIR FOOD based on their business practices. I’m out $120…for now, but not giving up.

    P.S. They delete negative FB comments. Google them – alot of bad reviews!

  3. jason says:

    My biggest reason for not putting in orders was due to the issues i have seen with customer service. The food was always good, packages well, tasted great and was affordable. In recent weeks I have noticed they have been putting more customer service people in place and for that reason i put in an order. Before i put in the order i noticed they now have a live chat rep who is there to assist with any issues you may have- I had a very specfic question about my order which they were able to answer instantly. I put in the order- I got my tracking for fedex in a week and my order came. Im impresses that they finally did something to improve there customer service and ill continue to put in orders assuming quality food stays the same and they have people to help should any questions or issues arise.

  4. Holly says:

    One thing I can say for this company, they have lived up to their name. They gobbled my green alright. These thieves took my money for product which, according to Fed Ex, they never shipped to me at all. This wasn’t in 2010 either, this was in April 2012. From the reviews and blogs I’m reading now it looks as if they’ve been at this for a while. If they think that you don’t stand a chance of actually showing up at their front door to complain, then they have no compunction about taking your money and not sending you a single thing.

    I’ve attempted to contact them via email and phone several times and they haven’t responded at all.

    It’s called THEFT.

  5. Joseph says:

    I made an order through groupon- I waited the 4 weeks to get my order though I noticed that they sent me a tracking number which did not work. I called fedex and they said they didnt have the package yet but to wait sometime and you should be able to track it. I waited 1 day to be safe and saw it was now trackable. Service has been good-. I tried the food and was not sure how it should be packaged but it looked kinda weird. It ended up being fine and tasted great

  6. Lisa says:

    Disgusting!!!! A total waste of money,, I was very excited to receive my food after purchasing it on living social for $129. First of all it looked very unappetizing. The food I tried tasted like cardboard and how can you go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie?

    They should be reported to the better business bureau as thejir food is not at all as pictured and indelible!

  7. kellie says:

    for people who hated gobble green, i would try frsh n lean. also from california but made by a chef. everything arrives fresh not frozen and tastes very good and the food is mailed overnight. i always think their salads are too small but otherwise its a great service and they have wonderful customer service. also everything is organic, non-gmo, and they dont use meat analogs. i think their site is http://www.freshnlean.com.

  8. Joseph says:

    I ordered the vegan starter kit from their website. I noticed after i placed the order that they had less than favorable reviews but I figured I would see what happens. within a few days I got an email with my shipping tracking number. Within a few days after I got the order to my house. I opened the package and saw it was properly packaged to ensure freshness and tried my first meal today. this was much better than I anticipated. I am very particular with the type of food I eat and this will make my life easier going forward to get quality food and do it easily.

  9. Troy says:

    Gobble Green, a “Gourmet” meal delivery service. I don’t think so. I just opened my box and it was filled with leaking, wet bags of mush. It is a big unappetizing mess. Almost everything is a yellowish brown color, looking like baby bowel movements in baggies. Save your money and buy a Lean Cuisine, you’ll be glad you did. The box took 8 weeks to arrive, was warm and the packaging was so wet and stained that the labels are difficult to read. I’ll consider it a difficult $125 lesson. Never Again.

  10. Emily says:

    Terrible… ALL thefood we ordered came spoiled in the box. No dry ice at all, just empty bags. I’m so disappointed. I’ve just left an email message but I’m not really holding my breath after reading the other negative reviews.

  11. Dissatisfied says:

    Worst customer experience EVER and most disgusting food. DO NOT order from this company. The food was filled with soy and it tasted sooooo bad. They made me wait months for my order and wouldn’t let me choose the date I would receive it so I was out of the country when it came even though I told them not to send it. Then they resent it to the wrong address the second time THEN I finally got the food and they sent it to the wrong address AGAIN so by the time I got it, it was defrosted and the food was gross. YUCK! Go elsewhere, it’s all packaged in plastic and not fresh. Buy locally!

  12. Marshal says:

    Im 37 years old and I never thought i would ever get food sent to my house but I have to say it’s so much better this way. Now I can order what I want from the comfort of my home. The food is great if you like vegatables

  13. steve says:

    Where do I start, the food is amazing, the asian vegetable salad is soo gooood!! Im sure everything else is going to taste but i will find out soon enough.

  14. Elle says:

    Similar bad experience: unresponsive. One month delay from order to delivery but on top of that my delivery was delayed another month and no response or explanation was given despite many phone calls and emails to them. Food is bland and unimpressive.

    STILL when I wrote on their FB page on a Friday evening, within minutes they erased my post and blocked me from commenting further. Check out their fb page — they should get off of FB and start answering their clients.

  15. Beth Jacobson says:

    I have had a terrible experience with this company and do not recommend it at all. I did this on a Groupon and had to wait about 2 months for my turn to get my food delivered. This wasn’t a big deal but when the food came, several items were thawed out. Two items were blown up like a balloon as if they had gone bad. I emailed the company 3 times to see what I should do and never got a response. As a last ditch, I called them. I have now called them 7 times and have had only 2 responses, both voice mails. When I returned the calls, I either didn’t get a response at all or it took between 4 days and a week to hear back. In addition, they told me their email is broken and they didn’t get my emails. This is terrible customer service in my opinion and I have actually never talked to them, leaving me with these meals I am afraid to eat.

    Of the ones I did eat, I found the food to be between mediocre and bad. Most is bordering on tasteless and I have had to add to it to make it palatable. If you decide to order, be sure that you like beans because most of the meals are just beans with a sauce. Personally, I will never order from them again.

  16. kellie says:

    was so excited to try gobble green!! it seemed like a dream come true: healthy vegan calorie-controlled meals that i didnt have to make!

    gobble green is rightly expensive, but they offer the option of splitting the cost into two payments each month. they said to email them in order to set this up. i emailed them on thursday. they said they would reply within 24 hours. in 24 hours there was still no reply, so i emailed them again and asked if they had received my previous email. i thought that maybe it had accidentally gone into their spam folder. still no reply. so on saturday i called them, hoping *maybe* theyd be open. they werent, but a lot of places are closed on saturday. i called again on monday. again i got an answering machine. it said to leave a message and theyd get back to me in 24 hours. so i left a message, said i had previously sent them two emails, was excited to try their product, gave them my phone number, etc. 24 hours later, still no response. i even left a message on their facebook page, which they seem to update regularly, and nothing.

    i wish this review could be about how good or bad gobble green’s food was, but i havent even been able to try the food because no one will respond to me. i was planning to spend $700 a month and youd think they would want the business, but apparently not. luckily i found another vegan meal delivery service with great customer service and ordered from them.

    as a vegan i want vegan businesses to do well and i tried to give this one a chance, but it just didnt pan out. 🙁

    • ann says:

      Kellie, thanks for the warning on Gobble Green. Can you share the name of the other vegan meal delivery service you found and liked? THANKS!

      • kellie says:

        bsure it is fresh n lean – freshnlean.com i believe. they are great!! :). everything fresh not frozen and shipped overnight.. and good customer service.

  17. Christina D says:

    NO, no, NO!!!! I am so sad to say Gobble Green gives vegan a BAD name. Please save yourself time, money, frustration and healthy taste buds and try a different delivery food service. I had the worst experience ever from beginning to end (and they still won’t respond to my- I admit it- not so nice e-mails.

    What was wrong with Gobble Green?
    1) Bought a voucher through bloomspot and was NEVER informed that I would have to wait a month to receive my food because of the ‘special treatment’ Gobble Green gives to discounted customers. Ok you know what? Even with the voucher at $129, you can get MUCH better food and service at around the same price from many other delivery services so do some research. In summary, I really despise being treated differently because of a promotion. When I wrote to tell them this I didn’t even receive an apology!
    2) When the month finally rolled around and I was up on the waiting list, I had to contact THEM to find out the status of my order. Never received a courtesy email that is common practice for this kind of service.
    3) It took FOUR DAYS to arrive to my house. This is unacceptable. EVERY other food delivery service I have tried has shipped FedEx 2-Day Air, especially from California to the Midwest where I live.
    4) Here I write 2nd complaint letter and after 4 days…no response
    5) Very frustrated with my pre-order experience, I am less than enthusiastic to see th big box on my porch on the 4th day. When I open it, GUESS WHAT??? DRY ICE Explosion! The packing geniuses dumped the dry ice in open-top bags which not surprisingly spilled all over the food content. Miserable. I had to put on gloves to fish out all the pieces of dry ice. Again, with other food delivery services the dry ice was contained in a secure manner- not dumped in plastic bags waiting to spill
    6) back track. When I first opened the box the ‘welcome letter’ was- I KID YOU NOT- TORN, Wrinkled…despicable looking. What the….???? And no, it wasn’t even because of the spilled dry ice since the letter was on top of a block of foam separate from the inner contents. Again, what the…… seriously, that’s how you greet a customer? The thing was mangled.
    6) COMPLAINT LETTER #3. I am still awaiting a response. Whatever the answer is, I just have a feeling I’m never going to be satisfied with Gobble Green. Even with a FULL reimbursement (which to be honest they’d be smart to offer without me asking first this time), I have wasted my time, energy and expectation on this company. I am very sad to have to go all out on them this way and I hate that I have to bitch about a vegan company that I discovered in one of my favorite vegan lifestyle magazines but WHAT THE H. They deserve it.

    7) THE FOOD IS NASTY!! IF I ATE MEAT I WOULD THINK VEGANS ARE CRAZY BASED ON THIS FOOD; IT IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and I promise I am not just saying this because my whole order experience was below zero. I literally cannot stand the food and I notice some other reviewers said something like “maybe for vegans who live in the middle of nowhere.” Well I DO (live in the middle of nowhere) and I’D RATHER EAT GRASS as long as I could marinate it and season it with the FLAVOUR that Gobble Green stored in the attic somewhere dark and cold.

    Whew. I hope to never have to be so angry again to have to write a terribly long-winded, negative review. But the world has to know. Just because a company is featured in a magazine, don’t buy it on that basis alone. If you’re reading this before purchasing consider yourself smart. Adieu.

  18. Summer says:

    BEWARE! They charged me for an order that I did not receive and I had to dispute the charge with my bank before I eventually got my money back. I will NEVER order from them again.

  19. Jessica says:

    The food is reasonably good. However, they did not honor my request for nut-free food (I have a nut allergy). Also, on their comprehensive diet plan, they provided an average of 1000 calories per day — 200 cal. short of what is a healthy minimum. The food also comes in a hard-to-sort and hard-to-store condition: it’s all frozen together in a box, so that foods are squished together in odd shapes, labels are hard to read, and some packages are actually stuck together. Also, some promised food items weren’t in the order (all side orders like rice, “hash browns”). The nail in the coffin: no response to my contact on these problems in over seven days, by phone or by email.

  20. Sharon Greenberg says:

    I just received my box from Gobble Green. Seems like a very uneco way to purchase food. First, it traveled thousands of miles to get to me. I had to throw away the styrofoam because my city does not recycle it. I was able to recycle the box. The food is wrapped in plastic and has dry ice to keep it cold. Not a very Green footprint.
    I tried two different packets and thought they were mealy and pretty disgusting. I am going to throw out the $100 worth of food. It’s not worth it to eat horrid food just because I paid for it. Since some people seem to like it, I would suggest you buy a small amount first to decide if you like it. It’s not for me.

  21. MarkP says:

    Definitely worth a try. I generally really liked the food and it is a welcome break from cooking. I live in a small town where vegan food is hard to come buy unless you cook it yourself so Gobble Green has been a very helpful service for me. I have to agree with previous comments that the “chicken” vindaloo is the best, but most of the meals are very good. I was expecting that there would be a few meals I didn’t like, but there were not very many and I certainly didn’t have to throw any away!

  22. Dee says:

    Well, I ordered a week supply of Gobble Green food from a Living Social deal…$125, I believe. And Day 3 of my food choices and I must say that I am NOT impressed. I am a vegan and have been for over 15 years, so I know good vegan food. This stuff was hard, cardboard like and most dishes tasted really vinegary. I even got a tummy ache twice. The desserts were like 3 day old bakery goods, with an apple or banana undertone. I had to throw pretty much everything I ate. Even my kid, who loves food – esp desserts – would not eat it. I am sadly disappointing. I really wanted to like this and support what they are doing, but I just can’t stomach the food. Sorry.

  23. Mike T says:

    I would like to share my opinion, to warn others about these guys. I wish I had the same success with GobbleGreen as some of you did: Ordered $100 worth of items, they shipped after 6 days and from California to Chicago it was scheduled to be a 5 day trip. Delay ensued with FedEx so 5 days turned into 8, and I knew the products would be spoiled, which they were. There was not a single gel pack in what they refer to as a box (just pieces of styrofoam laid together to form the shape of a box, so no air seal) and nor was there any dry ice. Just a blue plastic bag sitting loose at the bottom of the ‘box’ (did the dry ice melt away? doubtful) containing the individual packages, warm to the touch. There was no way this food would have been safe to eat even if it made it in the scheduled 5 days due to no cooling products inside, and that is only half way across the States! I emailed them before the order arrived as I had received notice from the shipper regarding the delay. No response. I emailed them once it had arrived asking what to do in this situation of spoiled food. No response. Another 3 days pass and I email the only other address they have listed, No response! Finally 8 more days and I can’t take it, since I was nothing but pleasant and professional in previous emails, I decide to let them know if I do not receive a response soon I will be forced to reverse charges on my card and possibly file a complaint with the BBB. Wouldn’t you know it? 43 minutes later I finally get a response which basically states: Take it up with FedEx, we shipped when we said we would. They never addressed my concerns regarding the packaging, were no where to be found when I needed help, and it took a threat to get any form of response. I love their idea, was really excited to try, but no such luck. Extremely poor communication and attitude regarding customer satisfaction. I hope others have better luck, but I for one will never attempt business with them again.

  24. CubFan says:

    I too bought the Living Social for Gobblegreen prior to reading the nasty reviews some folks have left, but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. Like others, there are dishes I won’t touch because I hate the taste of cheese and I’m not a fan of Indian food. Also, two of the breakfasts didn’t nuke right – I think it had to more with the rice flour not working well with the microwave (or I nuked it too long). That being said, everything else has been fabulous! A prior commenter said the snack packs are small, but they are no different from the Trader Joe’s “Just a Handful” of packaged nuts. I was grateful for the portion sizes, and two I could have easily split in two because of their size. I received a couple of dishes not listed on their website, so I asked for the nutritional breakdown, and they emailed me right back. If you ask questions on their Facebook page, they will answer quickly. And yes, initially the packages of food look like baby vomit, but once you break it all open and heat it up, the main dishes are rather extraordinary for the $129 I paid. I am keeping a list of the dishes I liked the most and will re-order just those to keep in my freezer. Big thumbs up to the “Meat” Loaf With Veggies, the “Chicken” Vindaloo and the Seitan Bean Stew (and the cookies!).

  25. Jenna says:

    Thumbs up for me. Got it through Living Social. Convenient and delicious. Also, it has lasted a really long time. I found a tortilla soup in the back of my freezer that had been there for almost a month and it tastes like it was made yesterday.

  26. veganempress says:

    I can’t believe this site is not related to gobble green. The food doesn’t look like that and it doesn’t taste that great. At best it’s ok. Definitely not worth the $. The food I’m eating now the meditteranean coscous is so bad I’m throwing it out. Some of their other foods were ok, but not good.

    I only did it through groupon for the $99 and still a rip.

  27. veganempress says:

    These pics DO NOT ANYTHING LOOK LIKE THE FOOD I got. I got it through a groupon and would prob. not get it again. It’s BARELY WORTH THE $125 FOR A WEEK. Way to many problems with the food. Taste so so, tempeh fiesta had 2 small pieces of tempeh and more potatoes & greens (as they’re cheaper), desserts were miniscule, snack packs were like 10 almonds or a prepackaged little container or raisins. Also, tastewise not as good as just going to a local restaurant and getting vegan food. all in all. Only ok if you live in the boonies and absolutely can’t get any other food. Even then, better to order from an online vegan company where the food is much better and the same or lower priced. As for cal. they’re not lower than other foods you get. It’s a shame they don’t work on improving the taste of their products and what you get for your money.

  28. Julie says:

    Don’t purchase an entire package. Try a meal or two first. I got a package and threw most of it away.

  29. Julie says:

    Seeing positive reviews for Gobble Green worries and shocks me. It really makes me wonder who’s behind these reviews and if any or all of them are actually Gobble Green’s staff, or friends & family. It really wouldn’t shock me, and in fact it would be smart to do so. By giving the illusion that many people enjoy their food, people are more comfortable spending package prices on multiple weeks worth of food, just like I did. I read the reviews before I purchased my package, and was comfortable handing over my debit card number when the time came to order. But that was the beginning to a very unpleasant experience, to both me and my taste buds.

    I am a Vegetarian of 8 year who greatly enjoys soy food and other meatless options. I also have some Vegan family members, which is what initially turned me on to Vegan food, especially the tasty deserts. I’m not much of a “dipper”, and I don’t use much salt, so it’s not as if I can’t deal with food that others might consider a little “bland”, in fact, I prefer things with a more natural taste. I love vegetables, and beans, and many foods that are associated with Vegan and Vegetarian diets. So, given this, I wasn’t reluctant at all paying for a weeks worth of was I expected to be, and described as by Gobble Green, as “cuisine” vegan food prepared by their experienced chefs.

    The first day was pretty disappointing, the breakfast bar tasted like cardboard, but luckily I had peanuts and raisins to get me through until lunch. I surely kept a positive attitude and just figured there might be some dishes I may not care for. But then I had the spaghetti for lunch. The noodles were completely mushy, and the consistency of it was unbearable, so I didn’t finish the dish. I did eat the meatballs, which weren’t too bad. For dinner I had the Fettuccini Alfredo, which once again was completely mush. My husband tried to revive it with sauce and spices, but ultimately threw it away. This same experience continued on through the next couple days with similar noodle dishes, such as the Macaroni & “cheese”. All of the noodle and pie dishes were soggy, as were all the vegetables. The muffins and brownies had the consistency of chewing on sand, and crumbled to pieces at touch. The curry soup tasted like water, with rubber tofu floating in it and the rice dishes were stale, and hard. The “eggs” had a very off-putting neon yellow color to them, and were likewise inedible. The hash browns were ok, but definitely needed to be baked, definitely not microwaved.

    Now this review was written after asking for a partial refund from Gobble Green. I sincerely apologized that I was writing them to pretty bluntly call their food inedible, which I stand by. I felt bad doing it, and they even asked me for details …. Reluctantly, I criticized their food dish by dish, once again apologizing but asking for SOME of money back. They said it was “against policy” as though they were some sort of Corporation and offered me a 15% discount on a future package (of which I had a coupon for anyway because they mail one with every order). I declined.

    I’m really disappointed,… and I sort of feel scammed. I never felt good about asking for my money back, but really felt it was deserved. Their guarantees of the quality of food were absolutely false, and they definitely do not stand by it.

    If you still want to try Gobble Green, take my advice and buy a single dish or two before diving into their very costly packages. I literally threw away $100…..

  30. Andrew says:

    There’s a group discount for GobbleGreen going on now at GotoGroupBuy.com

  31. quarrygirl says:

    $500 for an entire month of food only works out to about $5.50 per meal. not bad at all!

    i can’t wait to try this stuff.

    i love your pictures, sunny! yummmers.

  32. That’s very exciting. I’m so happy this is available. 🙂 Do you know if they offer organic options?


    • Sunny says:

      I don’t think they do (or at least they don’t specify on their website). They do offer sugar-free and gluten-free options, though. 🙂 I’ll have to send them an e-mail to find out more details about organic ingredients.

    • Sunny says:

      Straight from the Gobble Green staff:

      “We are around 90% organic. Our produce is all organic, but we do use some non-organic faux meat bases in a few of our dishes which prevents Gobble Green from becoming fully 100% organic.”

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