Organic, vegan soaps from Hawaii make me feel like a tropical princess

February 23, 2010By 7 Comments

I’m very proud to say there is definitely no shortage of organic, vegan bars of soaps. Vegan soaps are not only the healthiest for your skin but the quality of these soaps is unlike anything else. There happen to be a lot of fabulous vegan soap companies in Hawaii but I recently discovered a new tropical gem, Maui Soap Company. They are an independently run, small business that make vegan and organic bath & body products like lotions, soaps and lip balms that are simply exquisite.

vegan organic soapI got the chance to try their Lime Litsea Soap ($5.49) and it was a tropical delight. These soaps are made on Maui and it’s like they pack all the essence of the island in each bar of soap.  I’ve been wanting to go to Hawaii for such a long time, and it’s soaps like these that make me want to book a flight out there asap. Maui Soap Company uses the purest, most natural, organic ingredients. Here are the ingredients for this particular bar of soap…

Ingredients: Saponified oils (organic olive oil, organic palm oil, and organic coconut oil), mango butter, lime essential oil, litsea essential oil, and sprulina

organic vegan lip balmI also got to try their Vanilla Lip Balm ($3.99). Vanilla is one of my all time favorite scents; I think it’s because it reminds me of cake. So the thought of smearing vanilla, cake-like goodness on my smackers is always a good thing. This lip balm is soothing and it’s the perfect consistency. We all know it’s hard to find vegan lip balms.  Most lip balms unfortunately contain bee vomit (which is what honey and beeswax essentially are).  Seriously why can’t all lip balm manufacturers rock candelilla wax in their lip balm formulas? Anywho, I frickin’ love this lip balm. Bottom line: it smells delicious and it makes my lips feel nutritious. 😉

Ingredients: Organic palm fruit oil, organic coconut oil, candelilla wax, organic jojoba oil, vanilla oil, Vitamin E

I highly urge you to support these small, independently run businesses that practice sustainability, promote health and the vegan lifestyle.

For more info: Maui Soap Company

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  1. Kel says:

    I have the Maui Soap Co. lip moisturizer with SPF 15 and feel it dries my lips out and have to apply atleast 20 times a day. Is anyone else having this experience? I am about to throw it away.

  2. Lola says:

    I was fortunate to receive several Maui Soap Company products for my birthday. Boy, was I lucky! The lavender soap & lotion smell divine. I love the consistency & feel of the lotion – light yet powerful enough to turn back the clock on my leather hands 10 years. The vanilla lip balm is a miracle- I am allergic to most lip products but not this one. I love small, independently run companies that have a conscious as well as produce a product that is good for me & the earth – thank you!

  3. Sarah says:

    Soaps from Hawaii really are superior. They smell amazing!

  4. Tom says:

    My wife bought this soap. What do I know about soap? I can’t say I ever gave it much thought but I’ve got to say this Maui soap feels and smells different. It feels and smells good. I’m glad to see that you can use natural ingredients and only natural ingredients and still make something that works. Lots of things claim to be organic but seem to slip in something for texture or color or longevity. Not this one.

  5. Susan says:

    I’ve been using Maui Soap Company soap, lip balms and lotions for a while now. I have them shipped to California in large quantities and give them as gifts and use them myself. They brighten a room with their Hawaii tropical smells and are DELICIOUS on my skin.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Hawaii is the most magical, delicious place in the entire world. I have been lucky enough to go to Maui twice in the last seven years, for two weeks at a time! I can attest that those have undoubtedly been the best four weeks of my life. You should go if you can!

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