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February 18, 2010By 5 Comments

There are a lot of makeup companies that have a few select vegan or cruelty-free items but how nice would it be to take out the guess work and label reading process when finding vegan cosmetics? Well, Emani Minerals is a completely vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free makeup line and they use 100% recycled paper goods for their packaging (25% post & 75% pre-consumer) that are 100% biodegradable. Now that’s what I call green makeup! My favs…

Foundation Primer & Hydrating Serum ($28): Not only is this primer vegan, but it fills in all the lil’ wrinkles and lines in your face making it perfectly smooth and even for foundation application. This primer is so velvety and smooth. I can’t stop touching my face when I apply this serum. It’s like a magic potion for smooth skin. It also happens to be incredibly moisturizing and contains organic extracts (chamomile, mallow, cornflower, mint, peppermint, witch hazel aloe, calendula and ginkgo biloba) which help nourish your skin. Seriously, if you want to look years younger, you need to be rocking some foundation primer. I highly recommend incorpoating this into your beauty regimen.

Emani vegan mineral foundationPressed Mineral Foundation ($30): After prepping your skin with Emani Hydrating Serum & Primer, you are all set to go for foundation. I’ve been using pressed mineral foundation for years. I’m addicted to this stuff. Your coverage can be light to heavy depending on how many layers you apply.  This talc-free, pressed mineral foundation is infused with organic rosemary and grape seed extract, which helps to balance your skin’s moisture and gives you even coverage. Plus, this compact is totaly portable, so you can plop it in your purse for touch ups.

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Rosemary Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Iron Oxide

Vegan Foundation Brush ($24): Emani makeup brushes are soooooo incredibly soft! The foundation brush is ideal for applying loose powder foundation, pressed foundation or translucent powder. This brush is 100% vegan and free of dyes. There really is no need to be using makeup brushes made out of squirrels booty fur (or whichever animal they steal fur from). Plus, these synthetic brushes last longer and don’t harbor bacteria like conventional makeup brushes do.

vegan mineral eyeshadowCrushed Mineral Eye Dust ($10): First off, I’d like to say how crazy I am about that bright shade of blue (Dare Devil) featured in the photo. It’s mesmerizingly beautiful. All of these eyeshadows are made with 100% pure mineral pigments and are free of talc and other fillers. Emani Mineral Color Dust goes on sheer but for an intense finish, you can wet your brush and then apply. There are lots of shades to choose from. They have earthy tones, pastels, bold, fun colors – they have it all! Some of these shades work perfectly for your lips. Get crazy and try a bunch of differnt stuff. Be your own makeup artist. For longer lasting eyeshadow, feel free to prep your lids with eye cream then layer foundation on top to create a smooth base. Then apply your rockstar makeup and go out and paint the town red (or Dare Devil blue)!

Ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide

For more info: Emani Minerals

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  1. Angela says:

    This is the worst makeup I have ever used or ever seen being used. My friend had a wedding where we were to all get our makeup done (at a pretty penny, but it was worth it we thought since it’d be professional). It showed every crevis and crease and the colors were horribly matched to our skin tones. We looked washed out completely. It wore off quickly and I ended up having to fix everyones makeup by reapplying a combination of Mary Kay and Mac Cosmetics. Never again and I would not recommend even in an emergency.

  2. Emi says:

    I have a big issue with ‘Emani Minerals’ right now. I attended the London Beauty Show in Kensington Olympia today, and bought a Mineral Foundation from the Emani stand/counter for £13.30. I was so excited about using the product as I heard such good things about it. I was astonished and shocked when I opened it a couple of hours later. I removed the seal. I squeezed the tube and nothing came out except air!

    The tube states 15mls but even after squeezing the tube from top to bottom,I only managed to get a pea sized amount of product out. Basically, I paid £13 for a air! The tube is opaque black and nearly 10cm in length so you get the impression that there is a fair bit of product in there, or at least the amount stated on the package, but on the contrary in my case.

    I contacted Emani Minerals HQ in the US, as I couldn’t find any Emani Minerals shops in London. Instead of them offering me an exchange or refund, I was told how to use foundation wih a brush to minimise wastage! i found this incredibly patronising as i was not asking for make up aplication tips; I was asking for an exchange or refund as you would with such a product.

    Clearly there has been some sort of manufacturing fault with this tube and maybe even more, and yet I have paid the price! I am so dissapointed with Emani, and refuse to buy any more products as I am too afraid of being conned again. Emani Mineral Foundation might be a good product, but I will never know as I don’t even have enough product to apply all over my face even once, even though i bought a brand new 15ml tube today! Emani has no customer service or integrity for their customers.

    My advice to anyone purchasing Emani products – open the sseal before in front of the sales assistants and make sure you get what you pay for!

  3. Kathy says:

    I checked this out, however I noticed Emani contains titanium dioxide with is not a healthy chemical to use.

    • Sunny says:

      Yes, it’s true their products aren’t entirely natural but they are cruelty-free and they stand for a lot of good things.
      Also, just like we vegans have tons of options as far as food goes (not everyone eats raw fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.), we also have a slew of vegan skincare options. Vegan Beauty Review covers all types of beauty products. Some are 100% organic and pure, while other are not, but they are all vegan and cruelty-free.

  4. I’m going to check this line out. I’ve been feeling kind of guilty about buying the vegan items from nonvegan companies when I could be trying out an all vegan cosmetics line, but I didn’t know of one- so now I do! Thanks!

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