Bioéthique Organic Skin Care Giveaway ($163 value)

January 5, 2010By 121 Comments

Bioéthique is a premium brand of natural skin care that I’ve become absolutely smitten with. All of their products are made in France, are Third Party Certified Organic, natural & plant-based, cruelty-free & vegan.

I know how I excited I get when I try new vegan beauty products but this line of skin care truly raises the bar. After just sampling their Cleansing Milk, Antioxidant Serum and Night Cream, my skin tone and texture changed overnight. I don’t want to sound like a hokey infomercial but I highly recommend you sample these out for yourself so you can experience what I’m talking about first hand. You can order samples from their website for under $10 (includes free shipping). The morning after I tried out their nighttime regimen, my skin felt completely even, flawlessy smooth and velvety. If I had beaucoup potatahs aka gobs of cheddah, aka cash flow up the ash flow, I’d exclusively use Bioéthique – that’s how nutso I am over these products.

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, I figured I’d start off giveaways with a big bang. One lucky Vegan Beauty Review reader is going to win a fabulous Bioéthique Gift Box which will include Cleansing Milk, Antioxidant Serum and Day Cream ($163.00 value). Make me jealous, why don’t ya? 😉

All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment on this post (feel free to enter as many times as you like). A winner will be randomly selected and announced on January 12th. Good luck!

bioethique skin care

This is what you’re in for:

Cleansing Milk: I love these types of light creamy cleansers. They are designed to gently cleanse without drying out the skin. This cleansing milk is astringent and moisturizing at the same time. It’ll leave your face feeling refreshed and it’s natural lavender smell is soothing and relaxing.

Here’s an example of Bioéthique’s pure ingredients:

Ingredients for the Cleansing Milk: Mountain spring water, organic cornflower extract, extra virgin sunflower oil, europaea-stearyl-ester, organic extra virgin sesame oil and lavender essential oil

Antioxidant Serum: This serum is power packed with antioxidants that help restore and protect your skin from pollutants and sun damage. As much I love living in Los Angeles, the smoggy skies and intense UV rays are always taking a toll on my skin. That, combined with everyday stressors is a recipe for disaster. This serum contains olive squalene, which boosts cell regeneration and oxygenation and helps the acceleration of new cell growth. And unlike most vegan anti-wrinkle serums I’ve tried, this one is not oily. All those oily serums can be good from time to time but they can easily cause breakouts, especially if you acne prone skin. If you’re looking to fight wrinkles (and who isn’t?), this serum is seriously the answer to your prayers.

Day Cream: This cream is rich in vitamins and minerals which helps protect your skin against free radical damage.The organic lavender extract in this day cream helps combat the loss of elastin in your skin. Apply after washing your face with the Cleansing Milk. All of these products smell and feel luxurious!

*UPDATE* Winner of the Bioéthique gift set is Lady L’Orange! Congrats!

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For more info: Bioéthique

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  1. miss alix says:

    i could really use some nice stuff for my face. it needs help.

  2. Mary says:

    Meeeeep! I wanna win

  3. Tara says:

    I wish I had an insightful comment to leave but really all I’ve got is, “Pick me!”

  4. Taylor says:

    i can has skin care please?

  5. willnicks says:

    all the vegan women here posting are beautiful. just had to say that. 🙂

  6. Rondah says:

    I’d love to win this! very nice giveaway

  7. styleezta says:

    my last entry! Hope its the winning one 🙂

  8. Taylor says:

    tralala i love being vegan!

  9. Taylor says:

    oh yes i do!

  10. Taylor says:

    I want to win the mostest!

  11. Daisy P says:

    Oh yes I do.

  12. Daisy P says:

    I want to win. :-))

  13. pickme! says:

    hooray for vegans!

  14. styleezta says:

    one more day til the giveaway end! will it be me? oh please oh please be me!!

  15. Raylin says:

    Pick me! I have eczema and sensitive skin, and it’s so hard to find good vegan products that I can actually afford!

  16. Jessica says:

    Great giveaway!

  17. Janice Nieves says:

    pick me!

  18. Heather says:! This sounds incredible! I think even if I don’t win, I might still try the samples.

  19. Carrie says:

    My fingers are crossed!

  20. styleezta says:

    two more days til the giveaway ends! hope its me 🙂

  21. Lady Orangepeel says:

    I want! I want!

  22. Sarah says:

    The ingredients looks amazing. I would love to try this out! Thank you for checking all of this stuff out for us (mostly me) lazy vegans 😛 I just found this site this morning (nor really sure how), but I’m glad I did. You are adorable and know your stuff. Keep up the good work!

  23. susan says:

    Wow…beautiful desciptions…I can feel my face being transformed, and am visioning winning! Thanks for your blog!

  24. Alex says:

    This looks absolutely amazing! I’ve always had trouble with my skin.. But I’ve done the research and I would definitely love to try this stuff out!

  25. Carrie Anne says:


  26. Amanda says:

    Wow..this very generous of you!! Keeping fingers crossed that I win!

  27. Bethany says:

    I would love to win this product!

  28. Emily says:

    this stuff looks awesome…I want it!!

  29. Vicki Wurgler says:

    great set of products

  30. I am new to your blog but have enjoyed it so far. Thank you!

  31. Melissa says:

    I would love to win; I’m always excited to try something new.

  32. sarah jayne says:

    This does sound like a wonderful product. With so many top of the line products, there doesn’t seem to be any difference overnight or even overtime. Thank you for telling us about these!

    • Sunny says:

      Do any of you ladies use makeup primer? It’s a gel type product that fills in all the lines and creases of your skin leaving you with a smooth, even palette. That’s how my skin felt the morning after I tried these products – it was perfectly smooth (I couldn’t stop touching my face). I don’t know how permanent that feeling/result is but I know I like it (especially since it’s natural and organic)! 😉

  33. Swathy says:

    The animal testing and environment polluting practices should be discouraged.

  34. Swathy says:

    Its an amazing range of products.

  35. styleezta says:

    I would love to win this because I really want to take better care of my skin this NEW YEAR~!!

  36. Evie says:

    I’m a fairly new vegan, and I would just like to let you know how much I love VBR!!!!! Cool giveaway!

  37. i had never heard of these products & i LOVE happening upon new, vegan & earth friendly deals! gracias! i will also spread the word! 🙂 candy

  38. Yes! Cleanse my skin & cleanse my SOUL!!! THX FOR THE GIVEAWAY!

  39. Go vegan love!~ Thx for the giveaway! who hoo!

  40. Swathy says:

    Hope you will keep on hosting such great giveaways.

  41. Swathy says:

    I hope I win the giveaway. I would hate to lose out on a chance of getting it completely free.

  42. Swathy says:

    The product is looking so good. I would love to try it out.

  43. Swathy says:

    The Giveaway looks terrific.

  44. mskayz says:

    Thanks for hosting such a terrific giveaway!!

  45. mskayz says:

    Just what my “old” skin needs!!

  46. Tracey Byram says:

    I’m turning 50 this year, EGADS, and I’m trying every way possible not to look old. I’d like to try these products.

  47. Melanie says:

    Ive always wanted to try this product!

  48. Sharon A says:

    I so could use these products.

  49. Carolyn says:

    I hope to win this giveaway! These products sound absolutely heavenly!

  50. Bonnie M. says:

    This set looks very impressive. Would be amazing to win!

  51. VJ says:

    I love vegan producta!

  52. VJ says:

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  53. VJ says:

    I would really love to try this!

  54. Susana says:

    Random that I came here looking for skincare recommendations. I’m starting to look old so I need to win!

  55. brooke says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we DID have the money to buy this as we wanted/needed.. dreams

  56. Daisy P says:

    I would really like to try these!

  57. Ana says:

    Sounds great! I’m always looking for vegan skin care that will keep my skin from looking older. thanks. P.S. Fantastic website.

  58. Heather S says:

    These look great and my skin needs some help.

  59. brenda helgeson says:

    i love trying out new beauty products

  60. Carrie says:

    I’ve been looking for an awesome day cream! I hope I win.

  61. styleezta says:

    free products: I’m there 🙂

  62. Jennifer says:

    These look like great products, thanks for the giveaway!

  63. adina pickle says:

    I am really interested in trying something new. I really like what I read about the product.

  64. Tara M says:

    I would absolutely love to try these products… have recently gone vegan and am attempting to find the best products to use…

  65. ania says:

    looks amazing!

  66. Crystal says:

    Wow, these products sound amazing. I would love the chance to use them.

  67. Carrie says:

    I love lavender everything!

  68. susan says:

    wow I, would love this!

  69. Nycole says:

    Great giveaway!

  70. Gayle J says:

    This sounds like a great product! Thanks for the chance to win them.

  71. Sandra K321 says:

    I would love to try these products. Thanks.

  72. Daisy says:

    This looks very very nice!

  73. Jenna says:

    Would love to try these products!!

  74. Carol says:

    I would soo love to win this!

  75. Deanna G. says:

    The packaging is so cute!

  76. Deanna G. says:

    These sound great! Count me in 🙂

  77. Darcy B says:

    Yes please, fabulous giveaway!! Happy New Year and thanks for the chance to win.

  78. Tara Hill says:

    I agree, I love a light cleanser…the fact that is smells like lavender is a BONUS! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  79. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I like that these products are cruelty free.

  80. Melonie says:

    This looks like an absolutely stunning prize. It’s getting easier to find stuff like this, but not nearly as easy as it ought to be, so thanks for sharing!

  81. Taylor says:

    stuff! : )

  82. Taylor says:


  83. dani says:

    ooooh wow! I would love this!

  84. Kathy D says:

    I need start taking better care of my skin sounds great….

  85. Shellie Seering says:

    I love the packaging…I’m always a sucker for a pretty bottle. My dry, parched Northern Minnesota skin would sure appreciate this!

  86. Aimee says:

    I need to find some good, vegan skin care products, and these look wonderful. I would love to be able to try them!

  87. Pam says:

    At my age, I can use all the help I can get.

  88. mskayz says:

    I love organic beauty products!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  89. JRaePhelan says:

    I would love to try this. Dry skin is brutal this winter and these products look so high end.

  90. mindy says:

    this sounds just fabulous thanks

  91. Carrie Anne says:

    Oo la la!

  92. Bunnyhugger says:

    Ooh, these sound wonderful! My lackluster skin is in need a new and rejuvenating regime – and I think these products would be just perfect!

  93. Alicia says:

    Gotta luv a good giveaway!! The bottles are pretty cool too.

  94. mary says:

    sounds wonderful!!

  95. Alicia says:

    Ohhh gotta luv a good giveaway! The bottles are pretty cool too.

  96. Julie Lynn says:

    Wow! What a great gift set!

  97. Carmen says:

    Wow!!! I dig this!

  98. Anna says:

    Would love to win this! My skin needs a fresh start in the New Year! Day creams sounds what I’ve been looking for. I would love to try this product!

  99. ASB says:

    What a great time for a skincare giveaway; the winter is wreaking havoc on my skin!

  100. Tracy says:

    Ooo these sound amazing!!

  101. Tristin Daley says:

    Organic and vegan = awesome! Fancy french name = even cooler 😉

  102. Vegyogini says:

    An ethical AND French line of beauty products? I’m smitten just hearing about it! J’aimerais gange, s’il te plait! (I’d like to win, please!)

  103. Josh says:

    I loooooooooove this! Hi Sunny!

  104. Josh says:

    Organic, vegan skin care. Can’t go wrong! Hook me up!

  105. janel says:

    This giveaway is fantastic! I have started to focus more on what I’m putting on the outside of my body as well as inside. There are so many products out there with long ingredient lists and many chemicals – these are things I wouldn’t eat and shouldn’t put on my body either!

  106. Carrie says:

    Please pick me!!! I NEED these!

  107. Lady L'Orange says:

    I wanna WIN!

  108. jonbonjovious says:

    My skin is my pride and joy. I would love to try this product!

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