Shojin in Little Tokyo rocks the vegan sushi

If you’re vegan or if you’re all about organic dining and you’re looking for a fairly upscale restaurant with an artsy vibe and reasonable prices, you’ve got to visit Shojin! It’s a perfect restaurant for a date or birthday celebration. I would find any excuse to eat there.  Shojin cuisine, which is all natural and organic, is based on Buddhist vegetarian cooking. They make the best vegan sushi anywhere (hands down) and their entrees and appetizers are superb. I also want to note that they have excellent service and our waiter was a sweetheart.

My hubby and I went to Shojin last weekend for date night and everything we ate was amaaahzing. We started out our meal with 5 different sushi rolls – don’t judge! 😉 We had to try them all. Even though I’m just going to highlight a couple of the sushi rolls, they were all fantastic!

We indulged on the Caterpillar Roll, the Shiitake & Avocado Roll, the Crispy Avocado Roll, the Spicy Roll and the Dragon Roll.


Dragon Roll $10.95

As you can see, they don’t mess around with these sushi rolls. Their Dragon Roll has shiitake mushrooms and avocado on the inside, BBQ seitan, avocado and sweet soy sauce on the outside. This sushi made my eyes roll back into my head. It’s times like these when I feel extra grateful to be a vegan. Being vegan has seriously never been so easy!


Caterpillar Roll $9.95

The Caterpillar Roll is very similar to the Dragon Roll. It has BBQ seitan on the inside and avocado and sweet soy sauce on the outside. Isn’t it beautiful? I think this was my favorite sushi out of all the rolls. I’m such an avocado freak – this one won me over big time.

After we went to town on the sushi, we both split their Fillet-O-Kara-Fish dish, which is a combination of crispy homemade veggie fish and a seitan nugget skewer served with lemony tartar and miso demi-glaze sauce. Seriously these fish fillets reminded me of crab cakes from back in the day. They were delish beyond my wildest fantasies. And the seitan nuggets – fuggedaboutit! They tasted a lil’ barbecuey (which I love) and they complemented the fish fillets perfectly! Shojin definitely masters the art of seitan.  I’m one of the biggest seitan worshipers on the planet, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Shojin makes the best seitan ever! This meal was divine to say the very least.


Fillet-O-Kara-Fish $13.95

And can you believe we still had room for dessert? Well, barely. We decided to try the Chocolate Banana Parfait which was absolutely YUM. It’s a Japanese style parfait with 4 generous scoops of ice cream, vanilla and banana almond fudge, topped with chocolate sauce, chocolate tofu cream and fresh bananas. As full as we were, we managed to eat the whole thing!


Chocolate Banana Parfait $7.95

I highly suggest you make dinner plans (pronto-style) and get your Shojin on! You will be beyond stoked!

For more info: Shojin

Address: 333 S. Alameda St. Ste. 310 (Little Tokyo Shopping Center)

Los Angeles, CA 90013

(213) 617-0305

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  1. me = very jealous!!! ^.^

    god i wish we had something like that near us… it must be so great being vegan in CA… you guys have sooo many choices…

    • We also had the Annin Tofu dessert (that same night… I know, we’re fatty boombalatties) and it was the shit! I recommend that too! It’s an almond tofu custard….