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September 10, 2009By 9 Comments

The number of “FDA approved” beautifying products on the market are burgeoning… but unfortunately so many of them are chemical-laden and animal tested. Holistic Serums has taken the business of beauty treatments into their own hands. They manufacture anti-aging serums, facial and hair serums and all sorts of 100% natural remedies that are sure to benefit your deserving body.

A few highlights:

Orchid Anti-Aging Serum ($29.99): Holistic Serums calls this their “Botox-in-a-Bottle.” This serum will help restore elasticity and work against wrinkles, sagging jowls and laugh lines. This miracle serum contains orchid extract, Vitamin E oil and Macadamia Oil. A few drops go a long way – a 1oz. bottle will last 2-3 months! I use this serum before I go to bed and I can feel a difference in my skin’s texture when I wake up. My skin feels conditioned and super smooth. I’m a big fan and I’m an even bigger fan of the fact that the ingredients are as pure as can be. The healing properties of Mother Nature never cease to amaze me.

Natural Hairgrow Serum ($29.99): After using these serums regularly for awhile, I can tell that they are powerful. I feel a change in my skin and scalp almost immediately after only my first application. As you know from my previous post, I’ve been having hair issues (which I’m happy to say they are pretty much 100% gone). My hair was falling out, brittle and dry. I was using a combination of treatments on my hair and scalp and this was one of them. This hair serum has Centella, Indian Gooseberry and Camellia Oil – which are used by Indians and Geishas, known for having exquisite, beautiful, healthy hair. In 2-3 weeks users notice new growth and general improvement in texture of hair. My intricate hair routine that I’ve been rockin’ for the past 2 months has made a huge difference in my life. I’m usually really skeptical about wonder products, but my hair was litterally transformed. It went from fragile, dry and hard to manage to smooth and strong. My hair is as healthy as it was in my youth and I’m soooooo stoked! Many of these serums are available in sample sizes, so if you’re not sure you want to commit, save yourself some money and put it to the test.

Eyelash Lengthener ($59): This serum, which contains Camellia Oil, helps give the appearance of longer and fuller eyelashes. With Latisse being all the rage right now, it’s nice that there’s a 100% natural option as well. I happen to be a regular user of false eyelashes because my natural eyelashes aren’t very long or full. I decided to give this serum a whirl ’cause I have nothing to lose. Most users notice a difference in 1-4 weeks. I’ve been using this lash lengthener before I go to bed and on days that I don’t have to go to work for about a week and a half. First of all, it this serum can act as a clear mascara if you want to wear it for that purpose alone. This serum also allows regular mascara to go on smoothly after application. As far as results go, I feel a subtle difference. My lashes do seem a bit fuller. I feel like I need to give it about a month to make a complete assessment but as for now, I am satisfied with what I’ve seen so far. I will definitely post an update after I’ve used this product for a full month. I have a hunch I’m going to be thrilled!

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  1. natalie says:

    [aliyah] or any others who have used tummytuck,can you tell me if the products results were more temporary or was a jar surfice to ‘last’ w/ its results of firming for,say, 6 mths or longer?any/all feedback appreciated.

    • Esther Jo says:

      Generally , results of Tummy Tucker Xtra in firming sagging stomach skin are not lost – its not temporary.
      However as the body changes, due to aging or weight loss, skin tends to sag again. So you’d need to reuse it at that point of time.
      If you maintain the same figure, its not needed.

      Heres a link to 5 tummy tucker Xtra ebay feedback

  2. bill reagan says:

    Smoking is bad for your skin. It is the smoke and carbondioxide that is bad. Try Electronic Cigarettes and you can smoke all you want without hurting your skin.

  3. Paige williams says:

    I wish i could see before and after pictures

  4. Paige williams says:

    I just want something that works

  5. Aliyah says:

    STRETCHMARKS AND CELLULITE SERUM: I am now reviewing the stretchmarks and cellulite serum. Another two brill products. I have had 12year old stretchmarks and from using this product they are now almost completely gone! My tummy is smooth and no longer bumpy. I used the cellulite serum after the stretchmarks serum and that also help eliminate the little dimples and lumps on my tummy and thighs! Again it took about two weeks for me to notice the results. Keep up the good work!

  6. Aliyah says:

    I have tried alot of your products and would like to review each of these. Firstly, one of my most amazing products has got to be the tummy tucker serum! I can’t believe the AMAZING results I got from this product in just two weeks like you promised! I have had five children, and although I have managed to stay in fairly good shape (I am petite)throughout having my children I had developed a small mummy-belly. After using this product my tummy actually SHRUNK and I could fit into my clothes so much more easily around the tummy- to the point that I can now even show off my belly button- which is no longer sagging! TO ALL MOTHERS_ PLEASE TRY THIS PRODUCT!!! It really works and is great value for the amount you need to use. At first I didn’t think the one small bottle of serum would be enough- but amazingly, it was! PLEASE TRY THIS!

  7. Aliyah says:

    I’ve been using the hairgrow serum and can tell you IT WORKS!!! BRILL product!!

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