Smooth, sexy toesie wosies? Um, yes please! *Giveaway*

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It’s flip flop season – are your toesies beggin’ for a makeover? Even if you aren’t a flip flop aficionado, I’m sure you spend long hours on your feet and your footsies are in need of some TLC too!
Now I need to preface my post with admission to my love affair with all things minty. I’m beyond addicted to the tingly factor and I’ve yet to find a single minty product I haven’t become enamored with. And as we all know, pedicure products almost always contain mintiness, so you can expect me to be excited… which I am!
Blooming Lotus has a line of Papaya Gingermint Pedicure products that I’m smitten with. Seriously, I gave myself a Blooming Lotus pedicure over an hour ago and my feet are still tingly fresh (not to mention divinely smooth and minty smelling).

The terrific trio of pedi must-haves:

Effervescent Pedicure Pods ($26 for 5): Bubbles! These fizzy pods are fun. I felt like a cat watching a birdie in the window. I watched the fizzy action diligently until the full pod dissolved. I let my feet soak in this pod-enhanced foot bath for a good ten minutes before moving onto the foot scrub. This was extremely relaxing. Seriously, I felt like I could do this every day for eternity.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, baking soda, citric acid, organic shea butter, papaya enzymes, essential oils and love

Bamboo Pedicure Buff ($22): This exfoliating scrub contains organic cane sugar, tumeric, papaya enzymes, bamboo, brown rice powder and gingermint essential oils. This scrub feels so relaxing and does an amazing job at getting rid of all the rough spots. I really went to town and gave myself a deluxe foot massage using this scrub and I felt like I was getting a professional pedicure. I did such an amazing job I considered giving myself a tip. πŸ˜‰ I couldn’t help but think what a treat this would be for a loved one. You can’t go wrong with the gift of pampering.

Shea Butter Pedicure CrΓ©me ($24): This quickly absorbing formula contains shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, papaya oil and gingermintiness. Just use a little bit of creme and massage into your feet and voila, you’re finito. You’ll be enjoying the smoothness for quite some time. This creme smells like mint candy. I want to eat it!
My feet feel really special. If they could talk, I know they’d be thanking me. I just need to paint my toenails and then I’ll be a rockstar.

The Pedi to Go Kit which has travel sized versions of all three of these fabulous products is $26 and comes in a cutesy take out box. These kits make awesome gifts. Ahem, and I’m giving one away!

Attention, VBR peeps: I will be giving a Pedi to Go Kit to one of my lucky readers! All you have to do is e-mail me three reasons why you are in need of a pedicure (i.e. I work long hours on my feet, I’m an athlete, I’m a busy mom, I wear heels too often, etc.)
I will announce the winner on August 26th! Send submissions to Good luck!

Some other great offers you might be interested in:
Blooming Lotus is offering a free Pedi to Go Kit to the first 50 online orders of over $75.
Also, Vegan Beauty Review readers get a 20% discount at checkout when using the code: VeganBeauty

*There are a few Blooming Lotus Products that contain honey or beeswax so check the ingredients on their website before ordering. Their Papaya Gingermint Pedicure products are completely vegan.

For more info: Blooming Lotus

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