Eating vegan Dodger dogs wasn’t just a dream I had

August 20, 2009By 3 Comments

So, I got to see a Dodger vs. Angels game this summer at the Dodger’s Stadium with my work homies, and even though I had no clue what was happening the entire game (I’m more of an air hockey fan), I sure was excited about my vegan Dodger dog.  Even though it was a lil’ pricey and the condiment booth looked liked it had been ransacked and tainted by dirty, grubby hands, I was still stoked beyond belief.

I’m not gonna hype up how amazing the dog was ’cause it was a standard vegan hot dog but my excitement was totally based on the fact that I could eat the darned thing. I happened to be starving when I arrived at Dodger Stadium so it made the vegan dog that much more desirable. I scarffed that baby down good, all in a matter if 13.625 seconds. I would have bought 3 more but I didn’t want to break the bank – I’ve got babies to feed and bills to pay… and I believe they only take cash (or else I would have offered up my hair extensions).vegan_hot_dog

I decided to post an up-close photo of the hot dog so you can admire the dicey-ness of the onions. It brought tears to my eyes thinking about all of the hard labor that went into my toppings.


The reason I posted the photo of me holding the dog is not porn related at all. Not only was I having a good hair day but I wanted to juxtapose my healthy, vegan complexion with that red-faced, meat eating stranger’s to my right (your left) . On that note, Go Vegan!

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  1. Eric says:

    You are a beautiful vegan! thanks for the tip as I will grabbing myself a vegan hot dog tonight as well. YaY

  2. Alex says:

    This girl is absolutely gorgeous…GO VIGANS!!!

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