Warming Clay Mask: The detox that rocks!

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I wrote a review about Be Fine Food Skin Care a little while back and because they have such an extensive line of organic, cruelty-free, vegan skin care, it was impossible to feature every product I became smitten with all in one post. Well, this time around, I’ve decided to focus on my favorite Be Fine Food Skin Care product which might quite possibly be one of my favorite vegan beauty products of all time.

Organic peeps, I proudly present…

Be Fine’s Warming Clay Mask with Cardamom, Arnica & Pomegranate ($15.99): This is one of the most awesome products I have ever tried! I have tried a gazillion clay masks but this was my first time trying a “warming” clay mask, and it it was a trippy dippy albeit natural experience. I didn’t think it would actually get warm as I applied it but it surprisingly did! It kind of felt like a science experiment where chemical reactions were happening on my face. The warming effect didn’t last very long but it was quite nice and it gave me the impression that the mask was actually doing something productive versus just sitting there drying and waiting to be rinsed.
Why this mask works:
1) The kaolin clay draws out toxins and absorbs oil.
2) The arnica soothes, heals and has anti-inflammatory properties.
3) The pomegranate extract is packed with powerful antioxidants which help stabilizes free radicals.
This clay mask has a delicate, subtle, soothing, sniff-worthy smell.
Use this mask twice a week and you will begin to notice softer skin with fewer imperfections. Using clay masks in general is such a simple, relaxing treat – I encourage you all to pamper yourselves and enjoy your beautiful skin.

“Where can I get this wonderful clay mask that smells and feels amazing” you ask? Dude, one of the best things about Be Fine Food Skin Care is that their products are extremely accessible and affordable! You can find Be Fine at CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Wegmans, and Kroger, just to name a few places.

For more info on this warming clay mask… click here.

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