I invite you to open Nature’s Gate and indulge!

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Walk into any health food store and you’re bound to find Nature’s Gate beckoning you. They have a line of beauty care products that are all organic, natural, pH-balanced, packed with botanical remedies and are all environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. They combine natural floral and herbal extracts in all of their hair, body, sun, skin and oral care. Their products are very popular in the vegan community so I wanted to share them with you. Also, on a charitable note, Nature’s Gate likes to give back by giving the gift of water. They partnered with WaterAid America to support the use of rainwater to help families and children in Asia and Africa have long term access to safe, clean water. Nature’s Gate is awesome!

My picks:

Cherry Gel Natural toothpaste with Fluoride ($5.29): This yummy toothpaste takes me back to my days as a kiddo. This toothpaste is great for kids and/or those who want to steer clear of minty oral care. This toothpaste has Golden Seal, which contributes soothing benefits and Silica, which provides mild abrasive action for a clean, fresh feeling. I have developed a unique routine where I brush with this cherry gel in the mornings and Nature’s Gate Creme de Mint Natural Toothpaste (which is fluoride-free and has calcium) at night. Why is that you ask? The cherry toothpaste allows me to enjoy breakfast without having any minty clash factor. Drinking orange juice in the morning after brushing my teeth has never been better. And minty fresh breath is always nice right before bed, especially for that good-night kiss. 🙂

Tea Tree & Blue Cypress Shampoo & Conditioner ($7.99 each): Let me start with the shampoo. It’s dry skin season and your scalp is no exception. This shampoo is refreshing and soothing at the same time. Tea Tree Oil and Nettle Extract help comfort itchy, dry scalp while providing healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. The Peppermint Extract has a cooling, tingly effect that feels so good. I love peppermint everything! The conditioner is lightweight and perfectly complements the shampoo. My hair honestly feels well taken care of when I use this combo. They are ultra nourishing and make my scalp happy! These products are both paraben & sodium lauryl sulfate-free.

Lavender & Aloe Creamy Shave Gel ($6.99): First off, this shaving gel smells amazing. I’m a huge lavender fan! For those of you that are into aromatherapy, the smell of lavender can help you relax after a stressful day, help ease headaches and inflammation. This shave gel is enriched with organic lavender and marshmallow, aloe vera, witch hazel and Vitamins A, D & E.
I use this stuff to shave my legs in the shower and my legs always come out feeling so soft and smooth. I’m sure my hubby is going to fall in love with this stuff too (as long as I don’t hog it all to myself).

For more info: Nature’s Gate

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