‘Tis the season for Belov’d Everlasting

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The Blisoma aromatherapy collection by Irie Star uses a range of pure essential oils that are sure to spark memories, enhance your mood and put you in that state of mind you’ve been longing for. Irie Star has a variety of soy candles, bath and body care products and beautiful hemp clothing. All of their products are vegan, organic and handmade. Their skincare products contain a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients and some products contain 90% and more which is a big deal. Natural products are ideal for anyone who has sensitive skin as well as those of you who just prefer steering clear of synthetics and nasty, artificial ingredients. I’m always blown away by how many amazing vegan skincare companies that are out there but I definitely want to help push smaller businesses, like Irie Star, to help get the word out.

Products I fell in love with:

BLENDS Organic Perfume Oils ($24.95): These adorably-named perfume oils are completely natural and 80% organic and come in both winter & spring scents. Choosing a scent is fun with names like these: Sweet Nothings, Belov’d Everlasting, Twitter Painted, and Luscious Sunshine to name a few. My favorites are Belov’d Everlasting, which has a seasonal fallsy, romantic aroma (frankincense, allspice, cocoa and vanilla) and Twitter Painted, which to me smells like flowers and candy (coriander, junipaer and jasmine). This scent make me want to frolic in a field of sunflowers and do cartwheels. Miniature sample vials are just $3 so find one you like best and then get a full sized perfume.

Mandarin Kiss Lip Elixir ($5.95): This shiny, moisturizing gloss has a blend of chamomile, mandarin and HelioCarrot CO2 extract. I’m not sure what HelioCarrot CO2 is but it sounds fancy. This elixir is rich in beta-carotene and has naturally occurring anti-inflamatory ingredients. It’s super glossy and smells exotic. It comes in two other flavors: Rosy Glow and Ginger Nilly. The base for these kiss-inspiring lip glosses contains organic sunflower and coconut oils, jojoba oil, soy lecithin, shea butter and hemp seed oil. I love it’s deep amber color – it looks and feels earthy. It’s also great to use with other lip products. Sometimes I use this as a gloss coat over a lip stain or some red lipstick.

Yoga Mat Cleanser ($8.95): This cleansing spray/harmonizing mist is a powerful combination of grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil. These ingredients are naturally antibacterial and antifungal. It also contains eucalyptus and lavender pure essential oils which make it smell amazing. Even though it’s marketed as a yoga mat cleanser I’m sure it’s safe enough to use as a perfume. Shhhh… you didn’t hear it from me.
I practice yoga from time to time and I always use an organic, natural antibacterial spray on my mat and yoga equipment. I ought to tell my fellow yoga mates in my class to hook themselves up because it gets pretty stinky (and I know it’s not me with my fancy spray). Maybe for Christmas I will hook everyone else up with some harmonizing mist and make this world a better smelling place. 🙂

For more info: Irie Star

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