You are what you eat – so feed your skin, too!

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Be Fine Food Skin Care has a line of affordable vegan skin care products that are paraben free, allergen free and fragrance free. All of their products are made from popular fruits, grains and veggies that we all love like beets, coconuts, rice, almonds, mushrooms… you name it! For all you vegan skin care neophytes, it’s important to remember that Mother Nature gave us everything we need to nourish our skin and keep it lookin’ sexy and fresh. I know you know this to some extent because we’ve all played around with putting cucumber slices on our eyes and avocado in our hair. Trash all of your artificial, chemical-laden beauty products and start a new chapter in your life! You’re gonna love it!
And if you’re not jumping up and down with joy yet, here’s a bit of more good news. You can buy this line of skin care at your local Rite Aid and CVS. Check out their website for store locations. Btw, their website is super cute and fun to navigate. After you read this blog, have a looksie!

Sunny’s picks:

Gentle Cleanser ($15.99): Sometime I feel like a broken record when I go on and on about how crazy I am about all things minty. Maybe it’s because minty stuff smells like Christmas time. I don’t know what my problem is but it’s very rare that I don’t fall absolutely in love with minty skin care. Let this be no exception. This cleanser uses sugar (I might as well mention how much I love sugar too) to remove dead skin cells and gunkity gunk in your pores. Mint stimulates circulation as well as your senses and the oats and rice provide the TLC of vitamins F, E and A. It’s quite a refreshing experience. It’s products like these that make me look forward to washing my face in the morning and at night.

Pore Refining Scrub ($19.99): Coconut and Jojoba micro beads are back to rock your world. The tea tree oil in this baby adds as a natural anti-bacterial to this treatment. This scrub contains Vitamin E & A as well as fatty acids. Also, the orange extract in this coconutty concoction acts as a natural astringent. So, it kind of has a little bit of everything and it’s all provided via food. I’ve always loved food (a little too much) and this just makes me love food even more!
So, from reading the box this scrub came in I discovered that the molecular structure of jojoba is so close to our own skin structure which make Vitamins A & E easy to absorb into your skin. I feel smart.

Rough Spot Lemon Balm ($12.99): This balm contains shea butter and avocado oil to help smooth your rough spots such as your elbows and feet (or whatever other crusty areas you might have). 😉 This balm has vitamin A & E which helps increase circulation. A & E is a powerhouse of goodness and you’ll find these important vitamins in most amazing vegan skincare lines. The jojoba oil in this balm is easily absorbed into your skin and helps in the production of sebum which is your skin’s own lubricating serum. I also want to mention that this stuff won’t not clog pores which is something I definitely care about.
For a bit of fun: This product is shaped like a lemon which is quirky and cute. There’s a lemon on my bathroom counter and I’m probably the only who knows it’s not edible. 🙂

I’ve actually tried most of Be Fine’s line of skincare and I am in love with everything. I especially love that I can afford to buy this stuff on a regular basis and that I don’t have to go far to get it.

For more info: Be Fine Food Skin Care

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  1. Kate M says:

    Great post! I am ordering a bunch of samples online so I can try everything. I’m starting to by cruelty-free but it’s hard finding good stuff that’s still affordable!! lol

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