Something to buzz about: There is vegan deodorant that works!

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Bubble & Bee Organic Bath and Body puts it simply. There is “no bad stuff” in their products. Their products are all handmade, organic, cruelty-free, vegan and quite charming. You are sure to be entertained while reading the labels on their products. For instance, their shower gel has a zipper on the sticker and it says “No great significance here — we just think zippers are cool.” Cute, huh?

*I want to reiterate how important it is to avoid chemicals and preservatives in your beauty products. You can look up ingredient toxicity and which products you might be using contain which nasties at this link: Cosmetic Safety Database. Luckily companies like Bubble & Bee are completely natural, organic and safe.

Amazing stuff:

Lime Shower Gel ($11.25): Most shower gels are mostly water. Know what that means? You are getting gypped. Water is a free so why should you have to pay for it? This Lime Shower Gel doesn’t contain water at all. It contains essential oils and vegetable glycerine (no sodium lauryl sulfate, no parabens, no chemicals, etc.). A little goes a long way. The lime scent is 100% natural and fresh. Who doesn’t prefer natural lime extracts versus artificial, chemical knock-offs? This shower gel is great for shaving your legs, too! You can get this shower gel in these other scents too: Fresh Lavender, Fresh Orange, Lemongrass Rosemary or you can order an unscented version.

Baked Apple Spice Soap ($6.00): I like freaking out over products in a good way. This holiday soap has the perfect blend of apples, cinnamon ginger and cardamom. When I smell this bar of soap I just want to cuddle up next to a fireplace, sip hot apple cider and contemplate my Christmas Wish List (which most definitely would have this soap on it). I love everything seasonal. It makes me giddy. Bubble & Bee has a wonderful selection of soaps. I look forward to trying their Lemon Poppy, Oatmeal Spice and Vanilla Latte Organic Soaps!

Geranium Lime Pit Putty ($8.95): Time to detox your pits! All right, Ladies, go grab your deodorant from the bathroom and read the ingredient list right now. I mean it! If you find any of these following ingredients on that list you need to chuck it in the garbage asap. Ingredients to avoid like the plague: propylene glycol, aluminum, chlorohydrate, parabens, fragrance, triclosan, diazolidinyl, urea, ethylhexylglycerine, triethanolamine (TEA), tetrasodium EDTA, quaternium-15 and clycerl larate. Bubble & Bee has an organic Pit Putty that has very basic ingredients: organic arrowroot powder, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic lemon essential oil and organic cloves essential oil. That’s it! It smells divine and it’s putty-like consistency is fun – but don’t have too much fun ’cause it’s job is to de-stankify and is not a toy. 🙂 A lot of vegan deodorants claim to “actually” work but don’t so I’m super psyched to have gotten acquainted with Pit Putty.

Quick note: you get free shipping on orders over $65 plus a free surprise!

For more info: Bubble & Bee Bath and Body

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