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November 24, 2008By 4 Comments

Rare Natural Care, Inc. is a family-owned, holistic and eco-friendly company that has a line of fabulous 100% vegan skin care products (Rare2B) that are natural, certified organic and contain high quality ingredients from sustainable fair trade sources from the Amazon Rain Forest to the South Australian Rain Forest. Rare2B products are environmentally friendly in multiple ways. Not only are the vegan and natural (which makes them green by default), but they are packaged in recycled containers in which only plant-based inks are used and they donate 10% of their annual proceeds to socially and environmentally responsible groups.

Products you need to check out:

Toning Cleanser ($32): This face wash gently removes dirt and makeup and other gunky build-up from your skin. Key ingredients in the cleanser are grapefruit, pineapple, white horehound, peppermint, witch hazel and cedar bark. These might sound like hippie ingredients and that’s because they are. I proudly embrace my neo-hippie lifestyle because Mother Nature knows what the dealio is. I know you all are on the same page because we all want products that are “natural” and “organic.” I love that more and more people are becoming consciously green in all aspects of their lives: skin care, clothing, diet, transportation, etc. Rare2B skin care products are made from plants, fruits, vegetables, botanical extracts and marine-based ingredients – totally natural. Love it!

Hydrating Day Cream ($53): Yes, it’s a little pricey but most quality products in life are. This cream contains brown seaweed, black currant, olive oil, marine gum, capuacu and jojoba. These ingredients tighten, moisturize and make your skin smooooooth like buttah. Living in Los Angeles, I know I’m constantly combatting the effects of pollution and smog along with damaging free radicals so I use day and night cream religiously. It truly is key for having healthy skin that glows. This Hydrating Day Cream is non-greasy and you can literally feel your face being quenched with moisture when you use it. This product is a must if you want radiant skin.

For more info: Rare2B

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  1. Anthony Wilson says:

    when it comes to skin care, just use all natural products*:,

  2. Makayla Gonzalez says:

    for skin care, you can use those topical vitamins, copper peptide and stuffs like that::`

  3. Anna Begum says:

    we should always look for eco-friendly products out there to help the environment.’~~

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