Say hello to creamy sugar scrubs that fight PMS!

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Hothouse Botanicals’ products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, natural & organic, free of chemicals & preservatives and are as green as can be right down to their recyclable containers. If you’re green and you love to incorporate aromatherapy in your beauty regimen, get ready to fall in love.

All of Hothouse Botanicals’ products may be ordered in any of their 4 luxurious signature aromatherapy scents:
Bergamot/Ylang Ylang (spicy orange floral scent)
Bourbon Geranium (a rosy minty scent)
Lavendin/Litsea Cubeba (a lavender lemon aroma)
Vanilla/Lime (a yummy, soothing citrusy scent)

My recommendations (but honestly, I recommend everything!):

Bath Salts (on sale for $13.50): What happens when you combine Dead Sea and Bali Reef Salts with essential oils? A very happy and relaxed, ache-free body. Omg, the smell of the Bergamot/Ylang Ylang bath salts is such a sexy one. These bath salts are on sale for an amazing price. I’m going to stock up on these for Christmas presents… for myself! 😉
Body Butter (on sale for $15): These body butters contain rich emollients like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and rose hip oil. My favorite is the Lavandin/Litsea scent. It’s very feminine and relaxing. It’s the perfect cure for dry skin. Even if you don’t have dry skin, it’ll make you smell fantabulous!
Fizzy Bath (on sale for $13.50): It’s sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate free! Vanilla Lime Fizzy Bath is my fave – it smells uber yummy and comforting! It inspires me to take baths multiple times a day. 😉 A nice soak with this aromatherapeutic fizz fest and you’ll be all set for a perfectly relaxing day. It’s great for after the gym or a long hard day at work. I highly recommend you buy your loved ones bath fizzies. It would be a very thoughtful gift.
Lip Balm ($3.99): It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients and moisturizing goodness like coconut oil, cocoa butter, Vitamin E and hemp seed butter. Sometimes it gets tricksy finding lip balm without beeswax, so Hothouse Botanicals is making us vegan gals very, very happy. The best part about this lip quenching balm is the flavor: chocolate lime. Ummmm, yes, please!
Sugar Scrub (on sale for $12): I gravitated to the Bourbon Geranium Whipped Sugar Scrub ’cause word on the streets is that this bad boy helps relieve stress and fight PMS, and I was like, “Yes, I’ll take 10 of those.” This sugar scrub is seriously unique from any other scrub I’ve ever used in that it’s creamy. It’s sugar cane crystals whipped with shea butter and essential oils. It leaves your skin so incredibly soft. It’s a treat… and it’s an amazing deal.

Hothouse Botanicals also has an amazing line of
Soy Candles and Gift Boxes. Holiday season is just around the corner. Spoil your vegan friends with organic bath & body treats!

There’s a limited time sale (25% off) on all sugar scrubs, body butters, fizzy baths and bath salts! Also, there’s free shipping on all orders of $40 or more!

For more info: Hothouse Botanicals

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