Pilates time!

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Yoga and pilates have whipped me into shape in no time and I feel amazing. Pilates has really helped strengthen my core, make me more flexible and more aware of my muscle groups, and my posture has really improved as well. The best part is that I get to do pilates in the privacy of my own home (I don’t mind if my kitties watch me).

Stott Pilates is a great place to find top notch pilates dvds and equipment. I am personally a big fan of their Secret to Weight Loss series (Volume 1) ($14.95). If you have a lil’ gush in the tush or some wobbly bits you’s like to say goodbye to, look no further. This particular dvd features Walking Pilates Calorie Burning Workout with over 20 minutes of low impact cardio and over 20 minutes of sculpting. Moira Merrithew is the instructor in this dvd and she is my idol. She makes losing weight an attainable goal. This dvd is perfect for people who are looking for a lower level of difficulty in their workout. All you need for this dvd workout is an exercise mat and supportive walking shoes.

Another Stott Pilates dvd that is has become a part of my daily routine is The Secret to Flat Abs ($14.95). This dvd is also taught by Moira and is a moderately paced workout suitable for beginners that covers 37 exercises. The only equipment you need for the is an exercise mat. We all want flat abs… am I right or am I right? It’s bikini season and with the help of Moira and Stott Pilates, I plan on conquering the beach. Honestly, pilates has helped me strengthen my core muscles, back and torso as well as make me more flexible and alligned. Stott Pilates offers a wide range of dvds from beginner level to advanced in all categories such as Pilates Express, Pilates Matwork, Stability Ball, Toning Ball, Flex-band, Weight Loss, Walking Pilates, Pilates for Kids, etc. They have it all.

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