Oracle Organics is my latest obsession!

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Oracle Organics is 100% vegan and never tests on animals… I love it when a company takes the guess work out of vegan beauty and comes out and states that – makes life simple!
Oracle Organics products are made in small batches and are handcrafted “with love.” They support social and environmental justice by using sustainable ingredients that are 100% natural, of the highest quality and that are ethically produced. They are also a Co-op America approved green business.

A few products I have fallen in love with:

Vanilla Shea Body Butter ($20.50): Holy Mole, this body butter is decadent yumminess for your skin! It smells like rich vanilla icing – so much that I have been attempted on occasion to lick it off my fingers. It’s made with pure unrefined organic fair trade shea butter with organic jojoba and sweet almond oils… it’s also infused with real, organic vanilla beans – YUM! It’s extremely emollient and is the perfect remedy for dry skin. I personally use this stuff day and night for its yummy scent alone. Natural vanilla is heaven and it doesn’t get any better than this! Other varieties of body butters include Clarify Body Butter (with citrus extracts), Pure Body Butter (pure and unscented), Renew Body Butter (with soothing lavender) and Strengthen Body Butter (with rosemary and mint extracts).

Bloom Organic Facial Mask ($17): This floral facial mask has pure organic rose petals (an astringent), hibiscus flowers, rosehips (high in antioxidants) and marshmallow root (a soothing emollient) with mild kaolinite clay. Let this amazing organic botanical concoction revive your skin by drawing out all the impurities via Mother Nature’s ingredients. You can also try their Mineral Mud Organic Facial Mask (with green tea extract) and their Refine Organic Facial Mask (with white sage and green clay).

Purify Sugar Scrub ($16.00): I have a natural affinity for sugar scrubs. I also have an affinity for all minty things. This particular body scrub is infused with mint and green tea extracts. Love it!!! Shea butter and jojoba oil are also key ingredients which help nourish and moisturize your skin so it feels amazingly soft. The scent of this body polish is awakening and fresh. The Purify Sugar Scrub has become a regular addition to my morning and nighttime baths. Other varieties of the body polishes include Clarity Sugar Scrub (with citrus extracts), Ginger Lime Sugar Scrub (with macadamia nut oil) and Mineral Mud Salt Scrub (with green tea extract).

Oracle Organics also make organic soaps, body washes, massage oils and they sell bath accessories, soap dishes and other great gifts. Oracle Organics has an admirable green philosophy and their products are absolutely fabulous!!!

For more info: Oracle Organics

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