LUSH brings us such goodies as the Sex Bomb

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LUSH Handmade Cosmetics is such an amazing company which caters to the girliness in all of us that begs to be ravished by arousal overdose. Every single LUSH product, many of which contain mood enhancing essential oils, is unbelievably yummy-smelling to the point where you either want to eat it or call in sick from work so you can spend the whole day sniffin’ your LUSHified skin. Not only are their shampoos, soaps and fizzy bath bombs delectably smelly but they are quite the eye candy. Many of their soaps, bubble bars and bath bombs have glitter, rice rose petals, berries, fruit peels, you name it!

Not only is LUSH lushishly lushful but the company has charitable good will. For instance, they have a “Charity Pot” Hand & Body Cream in which every penny of it’s retail price ($19.95) goes to a charitable fund to support the environment, human and animals rights. This cream smells out-of-this world amazing (ylang ylang, tagettes, gardenia) and it’s so rich and creamy.

Have to say a few words about my personal fave: the Sex Bomb ($5.85). It’s one of their top sellers (shocker… not!) and here’s why: the blissful smell of jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang… go on and get your sexy on! When the sex bomb dissolves you’ll have a bath tub full of rice paper rose petals. Que romantico!

Another bath bomb that will rock your world is their Avobath Bomb ($5.65). That’s avo as is avocado. Two wonderful reasons why I love it: it’s moisturizing and it smells refreshing… and it’s green (for us green goddesses who love our planet).

Other Lush products I recommend:

Big Shampoo ($20.95) – Contains sea salt to counteract the effects of soft water which will lead to volumous, big hair

Veganese Conditioner ($8.45) – Lemon scented, heavy on shine, for all hair types.

Wiccy Magic Muscle Massage Bar ($8.95) – Layered with aduki beans (go on, say out loud), it smells spicy and yum yum and it’s a trippy lookin’ bar. I just feel cool using one. It has tingly powers and it’s awesome.

For more info: LUSH Handmade Cosmetics

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