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After visiting Sevi’s website I came to discover that Sevi means “love” in Turkish. It also happens to be the name of the founder of Sevi Cosmentics, a 100% vegan company which takes the concept of love to another level. Quite frequently cookies and pies are made with love (at least the ones I like to devour) and I think it’s a brilliant idea that cosmetics should be made with love as well. The things we put in and on our bodies should be nourishing, organic, cruelty-free… you know the dealio.

Sevi offers facial cleansers, toners, masks, perfumes, makeup, and check this out – vegan makeup brushes! I know being an avid makeup fan, I often jump at the opportunity to get my hands on some amazing vegan brushes. Believe it or not, they are kind of hard ,to find. Sevi stands behind the quality of their brushes.

A few products I have tried and recommend:

Lip Nectar Mineral Lip Gloss ($13.50) – these are named after healing fruits and berries such as Passion Fruit, Pom, Agave, Mango, Aronia and Noni, to name a few. They are completely natural, packed with minerals, creamy and provide that perfect hint of color.

Eye Spice Mineral Eye Shadows ($7.50) – Very natural looking colors, all named after yummy spices like Blue Sage, Cinnamon, Saffron, Double Ginger, Pink Peppercorn, again, to name a few. They are light, loose powders, perfect for mixing and matching. Some of them are shimmery and sparkly, others are semi-matte.

Chamomile Cream Cleanser ($18) – I’ve kind of been on a cream cleanser kick lately and this one is very impressive. I was really blown away by how chamomiley it smells. It smells amazing… very calming and soothing. It’s extremely moisturizing and helps remove makeup.

Sevi offers top quality products that are all handcrafted and natural. I really appreciate what the company stands for and I look forward to trying more of their goodies. I’m especially curious about their perfumes. That’s definitely next on my list. Vegan perfumes are hard to come by. Come to think of it, I can’t think of any. As a vegan, I’m so used to using essential oils to smell pretty. So, I consider this a special Sevi feature. I will definitely keep everyone posted once I get my hands on some . They offer two scents: Anatolia Natual Parfum (floral and bright citrus notes with a hint of dark chocolate) and Acacia Eau de Parfum (floral and sweet with a dash of spice), both of which sound very sensual. You can order sample sizes from their website.

For more info: Sevi

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