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November 23, 2007By 2 Comments

Earthwise Beauty is truly as earthy as beauty products can get. Their formulas combine healing herbs and aromatherapy with no extra fillers or additives. When I use Earthwise Beauty products I feel like I’m using the purest ingredients that Mother Nature intended us to use. Also all of their products are handmade and hand packaged which adds charm to this cruelty-free, organic, grass-rootsy company.

My faves: The rich and emollient (yet non-greasy) Cypress Hand Cream ($20) which is made of avocado kernel oil, shea butter and allantoin (from comfrey root). It smells amazing and is works wonders on dry hands – perfect for this time of year!

Another one of my favorite products is the Chamomile & Lavender Hydrating Face Gel ($40). My skin gets especially dry this time of year and I’m so used to shellacing my face with layers of moisturizer before going to bed and still feeling dry. This amazing face gel truly is soothing and allows the pores on my face to feel quenched. Needless to say, the ingredients in this face gel smell calming and beautiful, pure and healthy. This gel is also perfect for sunburned skin… so it’s great year round!

I’m also quite addicted to their Carrot-a-Day Nutritious Face & Eye Gel ($48). I know carrots are the bomb. I’m already sold on anything carrots. This wonderful eye gel and face serum is perfect for fighting wrinkles and can be used alone or under face or eye cream. I like to layer all of these earthy facial tonics and recreate a day at the spa.

Earthwise Beauty has a wide variety of beauty products for hair, feet, oral care, babies, face, body, hands lips, eyes, etc.

Average cost of products is $20-40.

Save 15% off your entire Earthwise Beauty purchase from their website with coupon code Sunny. There is no order minimum or expiration date. 🙂 

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  1. Appreciate your inforamtion. It is just too greeeeat!

  2. Click says:

    Hi this is a cool looking blog, I was just looking for this last night. Glad I finally found what I wanted.

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